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Not just any Broker Management software,
get NEMT Cloud dispatch to manage your brokers – The best way!


The fact is that manually managing and importing/exporting trip information with brokers slows down the dispatch process for both the provider and driver.

Imagine if your broker portal could automatically receive your data in real time and notify you whenever any issues occur.

This power of NEMT Broker Management software makes the whole Broker Management process faster, more efficient, and less prone to errors, enabling you to focus on what you do best.

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How can you manage your company's communications and billing to stay in compliance?
The NEMT Broker Management software will help you do everything without paying another expensive staff member.

Import/export trips

Automatically import/export trips from brokerages through NEMT Broker Management software and keep the data of all trips.

Billing integrations

Auto-generate accurate invoices and claims for brokerages that are accurate with no human errors reduces rejection.

Driver logs for brokerages

Auto-generate driver logs and trip information for brokerages. You will be able to transfer error-free data daily.

Schedule modification

NEMT Broker Management will automatically modify your schedule if a trip is canceled or changed.

See real-time driver status

You can see your driver's status in real-time, where they are, and what they are doing, so they work properly.

On-demand integrations

Although we are integrated with most of the leading brokerages, On demand, we can integrate with any other broker for you.

Customize alerts

You can set up a customized alerts messages system for anything you and your team don't want to miss out on.

Enhance efficiency

By giving the hefty and time-consuming work to technology, you will be able to do more in less time and boost accuracy.


Paper-based communication with brokerage is time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone.
We have the solution! Our NEMT Broker Management software makes managing partnerships with providers and drivers easy. Please take the Demo to see precisely what we can do for your business.

Get rid of import/export sheets

Managing Import/export sheets are very hefty to deal with, and there are chances of human error, our software will automate this process.

Auto-generate brokerage claims

Through NEMT Broker Management software, you can auto-generate accurate claims and driver logs for brokerages so they pay you faster.

Automatically manage cancelations

NEMT Broker Management software automatically alters your trip schedules if any updates are required, like trip cancelations and changes.

Get notifications alerts

Get customized notification alerts about what you think is crucial for you and your team so you don't miss out on anything.

Assign the best vehicle every time

NEMT Broker Management software assigns the most suitable trips to your customers, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Save your time and resources

By automating your regular business interaction, you won't have to spend more money on HR, and you will increase efficiency.


24/7 support

Our team is here to support you 24/7, so you don't get stuck anywhere.

Free training

Although our NEMT Broker Management software is easy-to-use, even then, if your team is having trouble, we will provide free training.

Cloud-based technology

No need for sophisticated systems and laptops. You can access our software from the ease of your phone.

Economical price

We understand that business owners are always looking for cost-effective solutions. That's why we have made out prices affordable for everyone.


NEMT CLOUD DISPATCH is successfully integrated with.

What if you are working with any other brokerage?
Don't worry; we got you! We also provide on-demand integrations if our client requests.

  • MTM

  • Modivcare

  • MAS

  • Acsses2Care

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