NEMT HR Management Software

No more paperwork! NEMT cloud dispatch is your one-stop app for all HR management.

NEMT HR Management Software

Hiring an employee is not cheap. They need a lot of infrastructure and need to be paid on time. A new employee means many new tasks for the HR team, their systems, and programs.

So, how to manage your employees without over spending? Our NEMT HR management software allows you to automate tasks to focus on more significant picture issues and new business.

You can easily track your employee’s performance, their clock in / clock out time and attendance.

Whether you are a startup, mid-sized company, or a large enterprise looking for a flexible, scalable solution, NEMT HR Management Software can be your perfect choice.


The NEMT HR Management Software collects data from hand-held driver devices and centralized systems, providing a simple dashboard that offers powerful analytics. It also consists of specialized modules that improve safety, communication, and workforce efficiency.

Manage Staff

Manage staff feature includes hiring new full-time or part-time employees, hiring contractors, and terminating an employee contract.

Categorize Staff

Credentialing of resources can be maintained along with payroll. Employee type can be categorized in the software as W2 or 1099.


The attendance Management feature help managers calculate Driver/Staff clock-in/clock-out time.

Branded Driver Application

NEMT HR Management Software offers a custom branded driver mobile app on both IOS and Android.

Geographic Clock

NEMT Driver application also features drivers Clock in/Clock out using their geographic locations


Are you looking for an affordable, flexible, and scalable solution to a large organization's HR management problems?
Are you having difficulty managing your time effectively?
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Save your time resource

Automate your major HR tasks like keeping records of employee attendance, hirings, etc., and save your time and resource.

Increase your brand value

Your personalized driver application for your brand will increase your brand equity. Also, people will remember your brand for much longer.

Get rid of the documents and excel sheets

Digitalize your HR day-to-day tasks in one platform and cut the manual bookkeeping through NEMT HR Management Software.

Improve attendance

NEMT HR Management Software improves employee attendance, less forgetting to clock in/out, and no more losses.

Execute categorized payrolls for staff

Categorize your employees and run payroll through our software. Payroll and data is in one application, saving time and money.

Track performance

Keep your all employees attendance records, clock in / clock out time, and track the overall performance of your employees.


24/7 support

Our team is here to support you 24/7, so you never get stuck anywhere.

Cloud-based system

No need for sophisticated systems and laptops. You can access our software from the ease of your phone.

We help you grow

We help you grow If you use NEMT Cloud Dispatch you can save time and money, which you can use to grow your business.


So, let technology do the hefty and time-consuming routine tasks and focus on growing your business by clicking the link Below!