NEMT Fleet Management Software

A simple solution to your fleet management woes – Track, Monitor, and
Improve your business trips with NEMT Fleet Management Software!


A NEMT Cloud Dispatch allows the admin to monitor and keep track of business trips, daily navigation routes, driver behavior, speeding history, preventive maintenance, and more.

It enables your drivers and dispatchers to communicate with each other easily and you always know your fleet condition.

Reduce your hassle and increase your efficiency with NEMT Fleet management software.

So, let's get this straight if a business has lousy fleet management software in place, it won't grow. Ineffective fleet management makes it difficult for your drivers to operate, lowers the quality of your vehicle, and eventually destroys your brand reputation.


You need to have sound NEMT Fleet Management Software in place to get the best results!

Fleet Management Software

The Admin, through NEMT Fleet Management Software, can add, delete and update the fleet information as required on the go.

Provide Fleet Rate Templates

Fleet management software allows users to set rates based on vehicle type. You can set up pick-up charges, prices per mile, and so on.

Gives regular Maintenance Alerts

NEMT Fleet Management Software enables administrators to manage fleet maintenance with customized maintenance alerts.

Vehicle Registration expires

This feature allows the admin to set up reminders to keep track of vehicle expired registrations.

Gives Custom Alerts like

Late pick up,
The driver picked up the patient,
Driver credentialing expiration,
Recurring trip expiration,

GPS Integration

NEMT Fleet Management offers GPS integration with third-party software and Dispatching Software.


It's not a good idea if you don't efficiently handle your fleet with automated fleet management software, Right? To solve this problem, our team here at NEMT Cloud dispatch has designed NEMT Fleet management software to ensure that your drivers and their vehicles complete their everyday tasks smoothly and efficiently, providing high-quality customer service.

Save your time and resource on maintenance

Your vehicle will always be maintained if your drivers know when the maintenance is scheduled. The software will automatically tell them.

Alert about vehicle registration expiration

Set up reminders for your vehicle's registration expiry dates and receive alerts when the date approaches.

Extract the maximum out of every asset

Get the most out of every asset by managing it efficiently, so it performs more in less time through NEMT Fleet Management Software.

GPS integration

Directly access your GPS if you are integrated with a broker. You can access the location through your phone.

Always keep an eye on your fleet

Always know what your drivers are doing and where they are, so you can track their performance and keep a check.


Customize alerts

Get customized maintenance reminders so you never miss out on what you need to do for your vehicle's upkeep, and your business operates well.

24/7 support

Our team is here to help you 24/7, so you don’t get stuck anywhere.

Cloud-based system

No need for laptops and sophisticated systems; take care of your fleet with the ease of your phone.

We save your reputation

If a car is in good condition, it will give people a good experience so they will want to keep using your company. If it's broken, however, you will lose business.


So, don't be blindsided by poor management, and manage your fleet easily by signing up for the Demo Now!