Optimize and Manage Your NEMT Business

NEMT Cloud Dispatch offers a robust feature list with software customization as per business needs.

Profile Management Standard

Profile management allows the administrator of the software to manage system profile. Users can update office address, coordinates, email and contact information. Operating hours can be defined in order to manage after hour services.

User Management Standard

The Administrator user can create and manage sub user accounts with the ability to track all activities made including any changes or alteration to the data in the system.

User Audit Logs Standard

It helps the administrator and system users to track any activity which includes editing trips, changes on trip status and reports. System provides time stamps of all the activities performed.

Auto-Scheduling Settings Standard

Using the Auto-Scheduler settings, the Admin can use multiple options available to configure the parameters in the system, Trips are assigned to the relevant drivers of the required fleet.

Rate & Claim Management Standard

NEMT Cloud Dispatch software facilitates users to setup rates against each vehicle type based on contracts, rates can be setup based on pick up charges and price per mile.

Administrator Dashboard Custom

Administrator dashboard presents a summarized view of operations. It allows the administrator to operate and control the process in an effective & efficient manner by presenting real time trip activities, company revenues, vehicle maintenance alerts and recurring expiration.

Permission & Access Settings Custom

The Administrator can assign special privileged access to any user with defined parameters & permissions, for effective control and management.

Manage Multiple Locations Custom

NEMT Cloud Dispatch System also allows you to operate and manage operations at multiple locations. This functionality gives you the ability to create a centralized dispatch center or location-based dispatching.

Shift Schedules Custom

Shift management gives administrator and other users of the software an ability to categorize drivers in day or evening shift schedules based on their availability. Trips can be assigned to drivers via auto scheduling feature.

Integrations Setup Custom

Billing is challenging as well as, a crucial aspect for any NEMT company. The NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software with its integration modules, is very much capable of setting up and connecting third party billing applications such as, QuickBooks, in order to boost up overall performance of operations.

Manage Account/Facility Standard

The portal services in the NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software makes interaction between the NEMT companies and hospitals/facilities, streamlined.

Custom Account Rates Standard

Customized rates can be set up based on the vehicle services which makes billing very easy.

Categorize Account Custom

NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software allows to create a sperate profile for the contracts (Hospital, Nursing home, Facility or a Broker) that a transportation company is working with.

Account User Management Custom

With NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software Facilities/Hospitals and Nursing homes can get credentials of secure portal and it allows the care givers and case managers to create trips, generate reports and view dispatch etc.

Account Portal Custom

The account portal feature creates a secure portal login and allows the user to submit the trip request and review the trip information in real time.

Manage Fleet Standard

The Admin through fleet management, can add, delete and update the fleet as required on the go.

Fleet Rate Templates Standard

NEMT Cloud dispatching software allows the user to create rates based on vehicle type. Pick up charge, price per mile and other miscellaneous charges can be setup in the template.

Maintenance Custom

NEMT Dispatch Software enables administrator to manage fleet maintenance with customized maintenance alerts.

Registration Custom

This feature allows for the Admin to setup reminders, to keep track of vehicle expired registrations.

Custom Alerts Custom

NEMT Software generates custom alerts like Late pick up, Patient picked up by driver, driver credentialing expiration, recurring trip expiration, Will call trip ready for pick up or oil change etc.

GPS Integration Custom

NEMT Cloud Dispatch offers GPS integration with third-party software and Dispatching Software.

Manage Staff Standard

This includes the activities of hiring new full-time or part-time employees, hiring contractors and terminating an employee contract.

Fleet Assignment Standard

The fleet assignment deals with assigning vehicle types to the relevant driver in the system, each having a different capacity, based on equipment capabilities, vehicle availability, operational costs and potential revenues.

Driver Application Standard

NEMT Cloud Dispatch mobile application enables drivers to go through their daily trip schedule and capture electronic proof of trip completion including clock in/clock out, signatures of clients, fuel receipt, odometer reading and automated recorded GPS locations for real-time driver tracking information.

Categorize Staff Custom

HR can classify the employees based on their roles in the company. Credentialing of resources can be maintained along with payroll. Employee type can be categorized in the software as W2 or 1099.

Manage Staff TypeCustom

By using this feature, the HR professionals can manage staff type, either as full time or part-time employees.

Driver/Staff Credentialing Custom

The NEMT software has the ability to add driver/staff credentials in driver management which includes Driver License, CPR, Passenger Safety (PASS), Drug Testing, Fingerprints, Driving Records and Specific Brokerage Documents.

Attendance Custom

The attendance Management feature help managers to calculate Driver/Staff clock-in/clock-out time.

Branded Driver Application Custom

NEMT Cloud Dispatch offers the custom branded driver mobile application, available in both iOS and Android..

Geographic Clock In/Out Custom

NEMT Driver application also features drivers Clock in/Clock out using their geographic locations.

Manage Customers Standard

Client Management allows the administrator to keep and maintain the set of records for the clients. It allows them to manage the information. It is helpful to generate information for a reservation form by simply populating the information from Client Management. This allows the administrator to track history of reservations added by patients.

Trip History Standard

This feature allows the administrator to track a reservation history for all the patients/customers.

Special Trip Notes Standard

By using this features customer/patient can add special notes for the trip, driver and overall ride experience. It allows to add if there is any change in phone number or address for future use.

Branded Customer Applications Custom

NEMT Cloud Dispatch also offers custom branded customer applications for both Android and iPhone devices. Customer/Patient can book rides by using this application.

Customer Portal Custom

Customer Portal is one of the important features of NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software. It allows the users to add reservations, track reservations, dispatch reports and review invoices.

Customer Applications Custom

Customer Application is another feature which gives a competitive edge to NEMT Companies to custom develop the customer application as per their needs, where patients have the ability to sign up and register as a client to request a reservation and it allows them to track the updates on the application against the reservation and track the driver assigned to a trip.

Complaint Management Custom

Based on client/patient experience with the transportation company clients/patients can rate the service and in case of any issue a complaint can be locked against the service provider.

Alerts Custom

NEMT Dispatch Software can generate custom alerts like trip status, driver arriving/picking up patient late etc.

Review Quote Custom

Quote module allows the user to create an estimate of the trip based on required vehicle service prior giving transportation.

Manage Requests Custom

Importing trips using excel sheet or entered manually into the system are managed through Trip request module which allows the user to edit trips if required.

Reservations/Recurring Trips Custom

Reservation module allows the user to create individual trips and blanket orders for the patients. Trips details can be entered by the dispatch team which will be further used by drivers in order to provide transportation.

Prior Authorization Custom

Trip authorization provided by insurance companies for the transportation of patients is controlled and managed by NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software.

Appointment/Trip Confirmations Custom

Appointment confirmation calls and messages can be sent to the patients with the help of software. Patient can either confirm or cancel the trip by pressing one single button.

Trip Alerts & Notifications Custom

Through NEMT Dispatch Software, the drivers can get real time notifications and alerts to any changes or updates made on their assigned trip. Similarly. The Dispatcher gets alerts and notifications as the trip progresses from start until it is completed by the driver.

Manual and Auto scheduling Standard

Manual and Automated scheduling help dispatchers to prepare schedules accurately before time.

Pre-match & Custom Scheduling Custom

This feature matches all previous records of assigned trips to the driver which were used in last week's schedule. The dispatcher based on that information can plan the schedule for the current week which of course can be altered by the dispatcher if required.

Map Views Custom

By using integrated mapping, a dispatcher can view scheduled routes, street names, postal codes pick up and drop off locations and can also manipulate map views.

Realtime Driver Assignment Standard

NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software enables dispatchers to assign real-time trips to drivers.

Driver Chat Standard

The manager/dispatcher can also send messages to a driver about trips and routes.

Trip Status Update Standard

By using NEMT dispatch software, a dispatcher can update trip status on behalf of drivers.

Multiload Trip Management Standard

Multiple patients visiting same facility or hospital can be assigned to same driver using Auto-scheduling feature.

Driver TrackingStandard

The driver tracking feature help dispatchers to track driver’s location with the help of cellular GPS.

Standard Alerts Standard

This feature gives timely alerts for custom notifications to assist the administration in taking precautionary measures in real-time.

Escort & Two Man Teams Custom

A dispatcher can also assign an escort or two men team by using dispatch software.

Integrated Push to Talk Custom

NEMT Push to Talk application is designed to improve the efficiency and quality of NEMT services by overcoming the issues of communication between drivers and dispatchers.

Integrated VoIP Feature Custom

NEMT Cloud Dispatch offers integration of VoIP software to provide seamless communication between dispatchers and drivers.

Integrated Dashcam Videos Custom

NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software integrates with Dash Camera to broadcast the live video feed in order to provide safety of patient/fleet. It also helps NEMT Companies in delivering better service.

Integrated GPS TrackingCustom

GPS Tracking in Dispatch software gives dispatchers an ability to track vehicles and send messages to drivers.

Route Management Custom

NEMT Dispatch and Routing software allows dispatchers to optimize routes in order to cut down overall fuel and maintenance costs.

ETA & Live Traffic Custom

NEMT software offers ETA & Live Traffic feature that helps dispatchers for effective route management.

Customized Notification Custom

Alerts and notification is the custom feature in NEMT dispatch Software which includes pop up alerts or reminders about fleet registration, driver license, recurring trips, clock In/Out, trip status, SMS alerts, email alerts and other custom notifications as defined by the Administrator.

Invoice Management Standard

The invoice management gives user the ability to generate daily, weekly and monthly invoices in PDF, CSV and HTML formats.

Credit Card Integration Custom

NEMT Software helps the drivers and dispatchers for accepting payment online via Stripe, Authorize.net and PayPal etc.

QuickBooks integration Custom

QuickBooks integration helps NEMT users to track expenses, manage cash flows and create invoices with in the NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software.

Brokerage Integration Custom

The integration of NEMT cloud dispatch with major brokerages like MAS and MTM is a great step forward to offer highly reliable and quality NEMT services for customers.

Insurance EDI Claims Custom

With NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software flexible EDI integrations, the data can be shared with clearinghouses for billing and settlement purposes instantly. The Electronic claim submission is as easy as one click operation.

Brokerage EDI Claims Custom

The software features Brokerage EDI Claims management for insurance companies like Medicaid, Medicare, Aetna etc.

Account Ledger & AR ReportsStandard

There are many different types of reports that are managed by the NEMT cloud dispatch Software which are classified as Standard reports that are readily accessible and the more complex Custom reports are available as per customer need.

Staff & Driver CompensationsStandard

Drivers are categorized based on the services rendered, 1099 and W2 payments can be handled by the NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software.

Fuel & Maintenance ReportsStandard

NEMT web-based application helps to record and maintain fuel and maintenance receipts to manage your NEMT fleet, efficiently.

Claim StatusCustom

NEMT Software reporting module provides the claim status feature to monitor different types of EDI claims.

Customized Driver LogsCustom

The reporting module also features customized driver logs that are available in generic or custom forms like Driver Name, Address, vehicle Number etc.

Email AlertsStandard

Confirmation emails will be generated from the software on the completion of trips, payment of trip or if a trip is scheduled from the portal etc.

Fleet RegistrationCustom

Fleet Registration alert & notification reminds the software users about the renewal of vehicle expiration

Driver License Expiry AlertCustom

This alert will remind drivers to renew their driving license before the expiry date.

Recurring Trip AlertCustom

This alert will help dispatchers to update blanket trips which are close to expire after getting confirmation from the brokers or insurance companies.

Clock In/Out AlertsCustom

NEMT software notify dispatchers about the driver’s clock in and clock out through the clock in/out alerts.

Trip Status AlertsCustom

NEMT Dispatch software helps dispatcher to get updates about the trips using customized trip status alerts.

SMS AlertsCustom

SMS Alerts is achieved by integrating a third-party tool which will generate an SMS alert when the trip status is updated by driver or admin/dispatcher from driver application and dispatch respectively.

Custom AlertsCustom

NEMT Software includes custom alerts like Fleet Registration, Driver License, Recurring Trip, Clock In/Out, Trip Status, SMS Alerts and others. This feature was introduced into the software to get timely alerts for the administration to take precautionary measures in real-time.

LogistiCare Driver LogStandard

Our Dispatch Software provides administrator an extra ability to export the Driver Logs according to the requirements of LogistiCare.

Secure Driver LogStandard

Ability & feature to import Secure Driver Log using NEMT Cloud Dispatching software.

Presbyterian Driver LogStandard

NEMT Dispatch software helps dispatchers to import Presbyterian Driver Log.

MTM Driver LogStandard

By using NEMT software, the dispatchers can export MTM driver log.

MTM Trip & Billing IntegrationCustom

NEMT Cloud Dispatch has made successful integrations with leading broker MTM to provide ease of importing trips and reporting for clients. Coordinates of the drivers are shared in real time for every trip assigned by MTM to provider.

MAS Trip & Billing IntegrationCustom

The integration has made it simple for clients to automate the process of importing and analyzing trips with MAS.

OnDemand IntegrationsCustom

NEMT Cloud Dispatch also provide OnDemand Integration customizations as required by the Clients for their specific need and purposes.

Custom Import/Exports TripsCustom

NEMT Dispatching software provides customized feature that automatically import/export trips from different brokers like MTM, LogistiCare, Access2Care and others.