Dispatching & Scheduling Software

  • Convenient Ride Booking
  • Auto-Scheduling of Ride
  • Real-Time Dispatching
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EDI Integration

Get secure and reliable exchange of documents and invoices through EDI integration with clearinghouses.

Account & Facility Portal

Keep your focus on core aspects of business as accounts & facility management are handled by NEMT software.

Integration with Brokerages

Conveniently acquire more trips through smart integration with various brokerages such as MTM and MAS.

Custom Application Development

Get customized features and options to enhance your NEMT business through dispatch software.

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NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software

Conveniently manage and improve your NEMT business with features like auto-scheduling, GPS tracking & optimized routing plans. Take full advantage of automation through the induction of the latest algorithms to flawlessly manage and operate every process of the NEMT business. Get full control of your business with smartphone applications and always stay connected.

How to Book A Ride?

Plan and structure your workflow in the way that makes sense for your team.

01. Add Trip

The first step to book a ride is by requesting a trip through NEMT Cloud Dispatch software. Simply navigate the application through an interactive user interface to request a trip with your preferred time and location without any hassle.

02. Dispatch & Schedule

NEMT Dispatch and Scheduling software provides real-time dispatching and sends the driver's manifest and trip information on driver's phones along with GPS tracking of each driver and the driving time and distance (Loaded and un-loaded miles) to scheduled pickups and drop-offs.

03. Trip Completed

We help you enable superior service and efficiency through our powerful combination of effective driver/trip tracking and paperless documentation, all in a single desktop portal and mobile app that gives your trip management an instant upgrade.

04. Invoicing

The billing/invoicing for non-emergency medical transportation can vary simply by the type of medical agency or Para-transit Company, the contracts, and miles basis. NEMT billing software helps our customers to organize their para transit billing operations to be more affordable, efficient and effective.

Core Features
Credit Card Integration
Custom Application
Facility Portal
Fleet Management
GPS Vehicle Tracking
Powerful Dispatching

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