NEMT Dispatching Software

Push the limits of productivity with the NEMT Dispatch software!


Need a NEMT Cloud Dispatch software that helps you manage your fleet, routes, and drivers?

The accurate and efficient way to assign vehicle fleets to driver teams – Switch to NEMT Dispatch software.

NEMT Dispatch software helps you keep an eye on where your drivers are at all times so that they don't get lost or miss a connection. Also, it allows you to connect with them quickly when needed by sending messages through their device.

You can do real-time informed dispatching which will help your drivers complete more rides in less time, bringing in maximum revenue.


NEMT Dispatch Software provides the tools you need to manage your driver workforce, from real-time driver assignment to live chat and trip status updates. This software helps your company's customers know when the drivers will arrive and how long it will take. It also has tools that let your dispatchers decide which drivers to send where and when.

Real-time Driver Assignment

NEMT Dispatch Software enables dispatchers to assign real-time trips to drivers.

Driver Chat

The manager/dispatcher through NEMT Dispatch software can also message a driver about trips and routes.

Trip Status Update

By using NEMT Dispatching software, a dispatcher can update every trip status on behalf of drivers.

Driver Tracking

The driver tracking feature help dispatchers track drivers’ location with the help of cellular GPS.

Escort & Two-Man Teams

NEMT Dispatch software allows dispatchers to assign an escort or two men team.

Integrated Push to Talk

Hard for drivers/dispatchers to talk because drivers move fast, We're trying to help them with our mobile app that works better.

Integrated VoIP Feature

NEMT Dispatch offers integration of VoIP software to provide seamless communication between dispatchers and drivers.


Less is more: You don't have to install any software on your computers; it runs on cloud technology which helps reduce data loss. It is hectic and costly to dispatch your drivers through computers, So our cloud-based mobile app makes it easier by storing your information online. Keep track of rides and let you know if something is wrong.

Reduce Time Wasted

Cut the need for inefficient methods of communication and assignment, and do more in less time while maintaining efficiency.

Boost Teamwork

The perfect tool to boost coordination between management and fleet. Increase response time and reduce miscommunication.

Improve Dispatch Visibility

Never lose the big picture. With the correct information, make well-informed decisions about dispatching.

Do informed dispatching

Assign rides to drivers according to the customers' needs. Our software will suggest you the most suitable vehicle for every customer.

Make better decisions

NEMT Dispatch software helps to gather information and make better decisions by integrating communication, dispatching, and tracking.

Enhance your customer satisfaction

NEMT Dispatch Software enhance customer satisfaction by reducing management errors and automating your dispatching process.

Get the most out of every asset

You can assign more rides to your drivers through automation and make them do more in less time.

Dispatch in real-time

Dispatch in real-time according to the changes in the schedules, trip cancelations, or no shows increasing on-time performance.


24/7 support

Our team is here to help you 24/7, so you don’t get stuck anywhere.

Custom alerts

Improve your business efficiency by getting customized reminders and alerts, and never miss out on any crucial task.

Cloud-based system

No need for laptops and sophisticated systems. Take care of your dispatchers and drivers with the ease of your phone.

Personalize your system

Want to Personalize anything according to your preferences? Don't worry. We've got you covered.


Let us show you in just 20 minutes how you will automate your dispatching prosses and boost your efficiency!