NEMT Routing Software

NEMT Routing software – a dynamic and powerful solution to your vehicle fleet management.


Take control of your NEMT business and simplify operations with NEMT Routing software. NEMT Cloud dispatch is an all-in-one solution for NEMT businesses looking to simplify their daily tasks and see better results fast.

NEMT Routing software makes it easy for providers to build optimized routes and schedules, improve dispatch management, streamline NEMT billing, communicate with drivers during trips, and provide a better passenger experience.

Optimizing your routing means you will be able to assign the most convenient routes to your drivers saving fuel and time.


A modern, fully-automated Routing solution makes it easy for you to manage your entire NEMT trip process from start to finish. Let our dispatch management, streamline NEMT software do the work for you.

Route Management

NEMT Routing software allows dispatchers to optimize routes to cut fuel and maintenance costs.

ETA & Live Traffic

Our software offers ETA & Live Traffic feature that helps dispatchers with effective route management.

Integrated Dashcam Videos

NEMT Routing Software integrates with Dash Camera to broadcast the live video feed to provide safety for patients/fleet.


Planning complicated routes for your fleet can leave you with sleepless nights. The next day, you'll have to repeat the whole process. NEMT Dispatching on a big scale is not easy either. You need to plan every trip and supervise all operations closely. Is that possible?

Also, keeping track of everything related to your NEMT business is hard work. You need to analyze financials quickly and make informed decisions that can affect your client's experience and finances. Don't worry! We've got the right solution for you! We can help you with every task related to NEMT Routing management at reasonable pricing and no contract is required!

Extract the most out of every asset

Assign more trips to your drivers in less time and extract the most out of every asset, while maintaining efficiency.

Assign the best vehicle every time

NEMT Routing software automatically chooses the most suitable vehicle according to the patient's needs.

Enhance customer retention

Select the most suitable vehicle for every customer according to their needs and enhance their satisfaction and loyalty.

Assign the most convenient route

You can always see where your drivers are anytime through your phone, so you can keep a check on drivers.

Get customized notifications

Set alerts and notifications about what is essential and you don't want to forget, so you never miss out on anything.

Always have an eye on your driver’s

You can always see where your drivers are anytime through your phone, so you can keep a check on drivers.


24/7 support

Our team is here to support you 24/7, so you never get stuck anywhere.

Customized alerts

Instead of having a lot of expensive computers to keep track of your fleet, we have an app on your phone.

Customized alerts

Set alerts and notifications for what is essential that you don't want to forget, so you never miss anything.

We help you grow

It is hard to manage large fleets, but our NEMT Routing software will help you manage them. You will have more time and money to invest in growing your business.


So, let technology do the hefty and time-consuming routine tasks and focus on growing your business by clicking the link Below!