NEMT Invoicing & Billing Software

A platform for NEMT providers to automate their invoicing, billing, and
claiming process through NEMT Invoice and Billing software!


NEMT Cloud Dispatch manage claims manually is time-consuming, error-prone, and expensive.

NEMT Invoice and Billing software is built to make billing easy for you, and manage your customers, so you can get back to running your business.

You can auto-generate invoices and claims for customers and brokers which are completely error free hence reducing claim rejection.

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You will have more time to focus on growing your business instead of paper invoices and insurance claims.


Moving your billing to NEMT Invoice and Billing software is the best decision you can make for your company. Our EDI capabilities will save you time finding and processing claims, reimbursements, and payments. We reduce manual errors and instantly submit claims to insurance companies, which helps streamline reimbursements.

Invoice Management

Invoice management allows users to generate daily, weekly, and monthly invoices in PDF, CSV, and HTML formats.

Credit Card Integration

NEMT invoice and billing software helps drivers and dispatchers accept payments online via Stripe,, and PayPal.

QuickBooks integration

QuickBooks integration helps NEMT users to track expenses, manage cash flows and create invoices within the Software.

HIPAA compliance

All transactions through NEMT Invoice and billing software comply with HIPAA data confidentiality laws.

EDI integrations

It’s easier for business owners to get paid by using EDI integration instead of paper. Faster and cheaper.

User permission matrices

User permission matrices allow you to give or deny access to our software to any of your team members and limit any employee's entry.

Customized dispatch reports

You can auto-generate dispatch reports of rides your drivers have completed, so you always have track of your past rides.

Claim Status

NEMT Invoice and Billing software reporting module provides the claim status feature to access and monitor all EDI claims.


NEMT Invoice and Billing software is a cloud-based system to organize, invoice, and file claims with insurance companies and customers. You will be able to spend more time on your scaling and less on administrative tasks that distract you from scaling your business. You will have more time to focus on growing your business instead of paper invoices and insurance claims.

Insurance EDI

Flexible EDI integrations allow your data to instantly be shared through one click with clearinghouses for billing and settlement.

Brokerage EDI Claims

The software features Brokerage EDI Claims management for insurance companies like Medicaid, Medicare, Aetna, etc.

Reduce human bugs

Produce error-free invoices and claims so you can get paid quickly and reduce denials and turndowns.

Get customized invoicing and billing reports

NEMT Invoice and Billing software will produce billing and invoicing reports at any time for whichever claim you want.

Make safe transactions

We comply with HIPAA data privacy and confidentiality laws, so your transactions and data are safe with us.

Make error-free claims

Humans can make errors, but technology does not, so you don't have to worry about claim denials and rejected invoices.

Save time and money

You don't have to hire many people to do your invoicing and billing, our software does it for you. That will save you time and resources!

Increase customer service

We work on emails and credit cards, making it easier for clients to pay you. This increases customer satisfaction and hence loyalty.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Assign the most suitable vehicle to every customer and enhance their satisfaction and loyalty.


24/7 support

Our team is here to support you 24/7, so you never get stuck anywhere.

Cloud-based system

No need for sophisticated systems and laptops. You can access our software from the ease of your phone.

Free training

Our NEMT Invoice and Billing software is easy to use and user-friendly. Even then, we will provide free training if your team is having trouble.

We help you grow

If you use NEMT Invoice and Billing software, you can save time and money, which you can use to grow your business.


So, let technology do the hefty and time-consuming routine tasks and focus on growing your business by clicking the link Below!