NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software

Software customization is available on demand.


NEMT Cloud Dispatch Package start from $149.99/Per Month Software Customizations can be done on request @ $65/Hr

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    Work more efficiently and easily by using cloud-based software:

    No need for expensive devices

    Manage everything from your phone

    Highly secured servers

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    Vehicle Management

    Reduce your fatigue of managing and maintaining your vehicles and get custom alerts like:

    Digital vehicle inspection & Vehicles license expiry

    Registration documents

    Fuel and engine oil updates

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    Driver Management

    Manage your Drivers and access their profiles anytime and check all his Records & certificates:

    Drivers history/Training Records

    Experience/Certifications & Payroll and pay period

    Clock-in/clock-out time

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    Trip Management

    Get real-time trip data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The data includes:

    When to pick and drop a patient

    Trips completed/reserved for future/in progress


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    Real-Time Dispatch

    NEMT Cloud Dispatch allows users to Assign real-time trips and Optimize Routes:

    Assign real-time trips

    Manage multi-load trips

    Optimize routes to cut down fuel costs

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    Dispatch Reports

    With the help of this feature, users can get each and every Reports:

    Previous/future trip history

    Trip log reports

    Extract data in PDF/CSV/HTML format

Integration with MTM and ModivCare

NEMT Cloud Dispatch has recently been integrated with MTM and ModivCare. Now the provider and broker will manage client trips effectively, and the transportation broker will easily collect information on any special needs.

Being integrated with MTM and ModivCare allows our software to assist users in business communication with brokers like invoices, trip/driver logs, claims, etc.

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    iPhone & Android App

    Our software app is available for both iPhone and Android users:

    Access/Manage everything from your phone


    Increases efficiency

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    Technical support & cloud hosting

    Our highly qualified team is here to provide you any type of help anytime:

    24/7 technical support

    Free training

    Cloud hosting

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    Back up Restorations

    Your data is of great value to us. You don't need to bother about your data:

    Back of all data

    Secure against DDos and malware

    Reduces your hustles

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    Billing Module/ Custom Invoices/ Custom Rates

    Auto-Generate invoices, build custom rates, and receive payments faster:

    Monthly/daily invoices in PDF, CSV, HTML formats

    Accept online payments via stripe, Paypal, etc

    Reduce claim rejections

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    GPS tracking history

    Our NEMT software offers GPS integration with third-party software:

    Real-time tracking

    Up to years of tracking history

    Up to years of tracking history

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    Automate your scheduling so that you can do more in less time:

    Choose the right vehicle

    Build custom schedules

    Map views

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    Fleet Maintenance & Management

    Always have your fleet maintained and managed adequately/vehicles maintenance :

    The driver can inform if the vehicle requires anything

    Admin can add/update/delete the fleet as required

    Faster communication and smooth running

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    Admin users and dispatchers

    Efficiently handle your administration and do informed dispatching:

    Manage/categorize staff and Attendance

    Real-time dispatching

    Driver chat/tracking

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    Two-way Communication

    Real-time communication between drivers and dispatchers helps them inform each other of:

    Pick up and drop off of patients



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    Attendance Management

    Keep track of your employees/drivers' attendance and timing /clock in, clock out:

    Clock in/clock out time

    Signature verification

    Attendance history