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Meet the Broker ModivCare
Last updated: 24/01/2024
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Meet the Broker: ModivCare

Being a NEMT provider means you need good connections with brokers to do well in your business.

Whether you work with local or national brokers, the NEMT puzzle must fit together. ModivCare, which used to be called LogistiCare, is the biggest manager of NEMT programs in the United States for state government agencies and managed care organizations.

Whether you've been doing NEMT for a long time or just starting, ModivCare is an excellent chance for providers nationwide.

Let's learn about ModivCare and how you can book trips with this vital broker.

features of modivcare with nemt cloud dispatch and schedule software

A Rich History of Transformation 

ModivCare's journey began in 1986 as a logistics and data technology company aiming to address challenges in the ambulance industry.

Initially focused on offering data technology solutions, the company expanded its horizons by venturing into the Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation (NET) line in 1991.

ModivCare's groundbreaking moment it arrived in 1997 when it introduced the first statewide brokerage model for Medicaid NET services, setting a new standard in the industry.

Driven by their vision for growth and innovation, ModivCare spent over a decade, from 2000 to 2013, establishing call centers across the nation. This ambitious expansion enabled them to build a robust network of transportation providers, solidifying their position as a prominent force in the NEMT space.

In 2017, ModivCare achieved a significant milestone, managing 65 million trips annually for more than 24 million members. Their commitment to excellence also earned them URAC CORE accreditation in four consecutive three-year terms (2008-2020) across all locations, establishing ModivCare as a trusted and reliable broker.

Streamlined Trip Booking with ModivCare 

If you're a NEMT provider working with ModivCare or want to, you must know how to book trips easily. A helpful non-emergency medical transportation software called NEMT Cloud Dispatch works great with ModivCare. This software lets you easily see and handle trip requests by signing into your NEMT Cloud Dispatch account. When someone asks for a trip, it quickly shows up in your system without hassle.

Tech-Enabled Care Coordination

The software simplifies scheduling by automatically searching for available vehicles and drivers, ensuring a seamless connection between the broker and the provider. You can save time and effort while optimizing your operations.


NEMT Cloud Dispatch is the perfect way to make the most of ModivCare and improve your NEMT business. Our software makes it super easy to bring in trips, so you'll immediately see all the available ones. You can see how it works with a free demo.

Try it out and see how it can boost your NEMT business and help you succeed!

5/5(4 votes)

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