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Meet the Broker MAS integrated with nemt cloud dispatch
Last updated: 14/02/2024
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Meet the Broker: MAS

A reliable and efficient broker can make all the difference in non-emergency medical transport. One such reputable broker in the industry is Medical Answering Services (MAS). In this blog post, we'll discuss the details of MAS, exploring their services, benefits, and why they stand out.

What is MAS?

Medical Answering Services (MAS) is a reliable broker focusing on non-emergency medical transport services. They link people, healthcare providers, and insurance companies with many transportation providers. This helps ensure patients with medical needs get safe, comfortable, and on-time transportation.

Services Offered by MAS

Let's discuss some Basic services provided by MAS.

A Reliable Medical Transport

At first, MAS offers many different medical transport choices that you can count on. They customize the options to fit each patient's specific needs. It could be for a regular medical appointment, leaving the hospital, or even going long distances. MAS ensures there are suitable vehicles with all the medical equipment needed and qualified staff to take care of patients during the trip.

Professional Medical Escorts

Further, MAS knows that some patients need extra help when they travel. That's why well-trained medical escorts accompany the patients on the trip. These escorts give the patients the medical care they need and keep them company, ensuring both patients and their families feel at ease and safe.

Coordination and Scheduling

One of the best things about MAS is how well they manage and schedule transportation. They collaborate with healthcare providers, insurance companies, and patients to make things run smoothly. MAS takes care of all the planning, like finding the right transportation provider, figuring out the pick-up and drop-off times, and ensuring everything goes well during the trip.


In addition, MAS cares about making transportation accessible for patients with different mobility needs. That's why they have special vehicles with wheelchair access and stretchers. These vehicles are designed to help people with limited mobility get the care they need without any problems.

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Benefits of Choosing MAS

Here are some benefits that may encourage healthcare providers to choose a broker like MAS 

Extensive Network

MAS has made lots of good connections with many transportation providers. Because of this, they can give trustworthy services in many different places. This means patients can always get quality transportation, no matter where they are.

Focus on Safety and Comfort

In addition, MAS cares about keeping their patients safe and comfortable above everything else. They ensure all their transportation providers undergo strict checks to meet the highest safety and reliability standards. The vehicles have all the medical equipment needed, and the medical escorts are trained to handle any emergencies during the trip.

Cost-Effective Solutions

In more, MAS works hard to give patients, healthcare providers, and insurance companies affordable options. They have a big network and are good at negotiating deals. This way, they can work with different insurance plans and offer competitive prices, making their services affordable and easy to use.

Excellent Customer Service

MAS is proud of its great customer service. They know that medical transportation can be tough for patients and their families. That's why they give personal help, answer any questions, solve problems, and ensure everything goes smoothly and easily from the beginning to the end of the trip.

Medical Escort and Transportation (MAS) is a well-respected broker in the non-emergency medical transport industry. They offer dependable and fast transportation for patients with different medical needs. Their big network, emphasis on safety and comfort, affordable services, and great customer service make them a top pick for individuals, healthcare providers, and insurance companies.

Integration with NEMT Cloud Dispatch

Likewise, MAS is dedicated to using new and cool technology. They teamed up with NEMT Cloud Dispatch software, which makes their services even better. This integration allows them to coordinate trips smoothly, track them in real-time, and schedule everything perfectly. By using this cloud-based technology, MAS and NEMT Cloud Dispatch work together to simplify transportation and give everyone involved better service and convenience.


Regarding non-emergency medical transport, meeting the broker, MAS, and harnessing the capabilities of NEMT Cloud Dispatch software is a winning combination. It ensures reliable, accessible, and compassionate patient care while simplifying the logistics and operations for healthcare providers and insurance companies.

Choose MAS and NEMT Cloud Dispatch software to experience the ultimate synergy between a trusted broker and cutting-edge technology, making non-emergency medical transport more efficient, reliable, and patient-centered than ever before.

4.4/5(7 votes)

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