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How To Become a NEMT Driver
Last updated: 22/01/2024
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How To Become a NEMT Driver

As the NEMT industry is growing and NEMT providers are constantly expanding their fleets, the need for NEMT drivers is also increasing. So it's an excellent time to become a NEMT driver and set your place in the industry.

NEMT Driver

A NEMT driver is a person who drives the NEMT vehicle and takes the patient from their home to the medical facility where they have an appointment or vice versa.

NEMT drivers are no ordinary drivers. They have to carry specific skills that enable them to take care of the patient/passenger they are taking to the hospital.

NEMT drivers must be able to deal with unpleasant situations and keep the patient calm and stable until the ride ends.

Requirements For Becoming a NEMT Driver

As I have mentioned earlier, NEMT drivers are not ordinary drivers, so the requirements for their job are also not ordinary.

Firstly NEMT drivers need to have a standard driving license (some states might require a chauffeur license )  and a clean driving record. Although one or two over-speeding tickets will not become the biggest hurdle in getting your job, professionals always prefer a clean record.

NEMT companies might require experience in the healthcare sector where you have personally engaged with the patients.

If you have skills like first aid, customer service, or as a caretaker of an elderly patient, you will surely outstand most drivers out there, and receiving a job offer will not be much difficult for you.

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Training and Additional Skills for NEMT Drivers

As the NEMT industry is getting increasingly sophisticated, NEMT driver training and certifications are becoming necessary.

If you are highly trained as a NEMT driver, you will do your job more professionally, which will likely result in your pay raise.

Some training and skills that a NEMT driver should have:

Passenger Safety

During a trip, passenger/patient safety is your priority. You must have the necessary knowledge about how to deal with any medical emergency.

You must remember that the passengers you are dealing with may have a physical or cognitive disability, so you need to know how to use a first aid kit and how to keep the patient stable until you reach your destination or any medical help arrives.

Vehicle and Equipment Handling

The vehicle you will be driving will have passenger assistance equipment such as a wheelchair, stretcher, gurney, etc.; you must know how to operate them and ensure they are safe and locked.

Customer Service

Customer service can make and break a business; keeping a brand's reputation alive is essential.

It's better if you have gone through a proper customer service training program, this will make you credible as a NEMT driver, and your boss will trust you more.

How Much Does a NEMT Driver Get Paid?

In 2022, NEMT drivers make $27,904 annually, approximately $13.42 an hour, $536/week, or $2,325/month.

If you want to work part-time, this amount is reasonable, but as a full-time venture, you have to look for more, but don't worry, these figures are not fixed. NEMT companies pay their drivers according to their experience and expertise.

In many cities like Deer Park, CA, and Atkinson, NE, NEMT drivers are paid between $35000 to $40,000.

Suppose you have gained considerable experience and the relevant health care and customer service skills mentioned above. In that case, you can surely jump into the top ranks of NEMT drivers.  

Make Your Job Easier with the NEMT Drivers App

As a NEMT driver, you will always be on the field, driving with the patient while caring for them and ensuring they are comfortable and safe.

You will always be connected with your back office, where dispatchers are sitting and telling the driver their next trip, which routes to take, and other things they want you to know.

A slight miscommunication between you and the central office can cause a significant inconvenience for you and affect your customer experience.

There is a thing called the NEMT driver's app to solve this problem. This app makes NEMT drivers' work a lot easier.

NEMT driver's app allows you to communicate seamlessly with your main office or dispatchers with a single touch on your phone.

With the help of NEMT Cloud Dispatch, You can Get the best NEMT Driver App. You can install the app on your phone, and the app shows you all the notifications the dispatcher sends you, and if you want to transfer a message back to the main office, you can do that with one touch. NEMT driver’s app makes real-time two-way communication trouble-free and simple.

Take Away

If you want to be part of an industry that is helping people who need it the most and making a good amount of money, becoming a NEMT driver is one of the best options. On top of that, you have the luxury of deciding which hours of the day you will be working.

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