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Why Do NEMT Drivers Need a Driver App?
Last updated: 21/03/2024
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Why Do NEMT Drivers Need a Driver App?

NEMT drivers are a critical part of a NEMT business; after all, they are the ones who make the first and direct interaction with the patient/client.

NEMT Drivers have many things to juggle simultaneously, i.e., driving the vehicle, constantly communicating with dispatchers, making sure the patient feels safe and secure, and so on.

A slight inconvenience can significantly impact their job, and most of those inconveniences occur because of miscommunication between drivers and dispatchers.

That's where the NEMT Driver’s App comes in!

NEMT Driver’s App

NEMT Driver's App is developed to make the driver's work easier and allows drivers and dispatchers to communicate and share information seamlessly.

Your drivers can easily access this app through their phones with a single touch. It has various features that enable drivers to see notifications from dispatchers about instant trip changes. Because this app is integrated with google maps, drivers have the luxury of seeing their trip routes with one touch.

Key Features of the NEMT Driver's App

Drivers are Always Informed

Drivers can view their schedules, trip updates, and so on with a single tap. Any important dispatcher notifications will appear on the driver's phone, and they may respond with a message.

Scheduling & Dispatching In Real-Time

Life happens, and you don't know what problem will jump in front of you at any point. That's why no-shows, trip changes, etc., are common in the NEMT industry.

If this occurs, you must be proactive and bring the drivers on board as soon as possible. The NEMT driver's app allows your drivers to view real-time trip adjustments, saving you fuel and time while allowing your drivers to do more in less time.

Integration with Google Maps

NEMT Drivers app is integrated with google maps which provides your drivers with their trip route directly on the app.

Optimize Your Trip Routing

You and, more significantly, your clients do not want their driver to be late or caught in traffic with a patient in the car; thus, the NEMT driver's app displays the most expedient route accessible to study the destination immediately on their phone.

Vehicle Inspection Forms

The NEMT driver's app not only helps drivers be more efficient but also assists your driver in conveying real-time information to you about your vehicle's condition and what it lacks. The NEMT driver can fill out a vehicle inspection form containing all the necessary information about your car.

Customized Notification Alerts

The app gives you the luxury of setting customized notifications for your NEMT drivers. In this way, they never miss out on anything and always know what tasks are the priority.

Digital Signature Verification

Drivers can easily verify their customer identification at the pick-up spot through an in-built digital signature feature in the NEMT driver's app.

Credit Card Integration

For obvious reasons, getting paid is an essential element of any company. Therefore, you must make the process as simple as possible. Here, the NEMT driver’s app assists you with its credit card connection, allowing customers to pay you with their credit card on the spot.

Boost Your Efficiency

The NEMT Drivers app shows your driver the most convenient route and keeps them updated about their future schedules, which helps them do their work efficiently and accurately.

Provides User-Friendly Layout

This app is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Your drivers can quickly get their desired information and also send back any necessary messages they want in no time.

Out-perform your competitors with NEMT Cloud Dispatch

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5/5(3 votes)

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