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Why NEMT providers should transform their business from the traditional way to digital
Last updated: 16/02/2024
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Why NEMT providers should transform their business from the traditional way to digital

Gone are the days of conventional or traditional methods of doing business. In today’s modern world, everything in business terms has almost transformed into digitally from the traditional or conventional way and NEMT is no exception. Anyway, millions of people, unfortunately, throughout the world miss medical care because of a lack of medical transportation services. But, they can feel a substantial improvement in the context of medical transportation with the help of NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) services. Remember that digitally incorporated NEMT services decrease obstructions to healthcare transportation.


Well, Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) facilitates and eases comfortable trips for disabled, elderly people, and other non-drivers to the healthcare centers. You should keep in mind that the traditional NEMT segment confronts a number of problems, for example, from intervals in booking rides to insufficient transparency, making it less trustworthy for the nemt transportation providers and the patients. According to reports, 3.6 million people skip or put off their medical inspections because of the non-availability of medical transport services. Continue reading this blog for further information. Anyway, if you want to know how technology has evolved the NEMT industry.

What is NEMT transportation and what does it include?

Well, NEMT encompasses a broad variety of out-patient options, on the condition that the person needing transportation does not need emergency services because it is non-emergency patient transport services.

Whereas NEMT is always transforming and developing, some of the most standard transportation choices today include in the fleet of NEMT transportation companies are personal vehicles, for example; vehicles in the possession of Medicaid-covered persons, their household, or friends), taxi rides, public transportation, ride-share services or transportation network companies (TNCs) for example, Uber or Lyft, wheelchair equipped vans, buses for groups or multiple individuals, and personal vehicles used directly by NEMT service providers.

NEMT Scheduling Software

What is NEMT software and what does it perform?

Till 2025, the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) software market is projected to reach $373 million. NEMT software is a component of this EMS software development. The market is boosted by an increasing reliance on NEMT to assist healthcare bureaus with accountability for patient flow mandates in the U.S. health system.

NEMT software incorporates a number of services but generally integrates rider contact information and related details, booking, scheduling, dispatch, billing, and reporting in a single place that enhances all the operational efficiencies and gives bureaus complete visibility into activities.

How has NEMT technology transformed and what implications will it have on the industry’s future?

The initial times of NEMT service were paper-based, manual, and based on human labor. A greater number of NEMT fleets had a small number of vehicles equipped with technology, which was usually composed of large and heavy, expensive-to-buy equipment. Those vehicle-mounted tools averaged about $6,000 per terminal, which didn’t involve the extra fees for setup, maintenance, or cellular service to operate them.

At that time, few NEMT small business owners or even large ones had the financial assets to equip their fleets with technology, however, the advent of smartphones and tablets, which come out of the picking with cameras, GPS systems, and a lot of other things changed everything.

The present and rising digital scenes now mean all companies, no matter how large or small have the capacity to enhance operational efficiencies with NEMT technology and software without having to buy extra equipment or pay for expensive installations and maintenance.

The development and adoption of technology in the near past years mean NEMT providers can eventually say bye-bye to paper manifests and awkward files and instead manage operations in a single, user-friendly app that gives real-time visibility into all activities, from trip scheduling to upcoming trips, from a van on roads to accomplished trips, overall medical transportation management, billing, and payments.

Here are numerous benefits of going digitized and using NEMT software:

Easy booking with cutting-edge software

When talking about the traditional method, hospital officials contact NEMT providers over the phone. This may lead to an interval particularly if the NEMT providers do not answer back. Still, if they do, it cannot be assured that they have every tool, ranging from wheelchairs to stretcher cars, according to the needs of the patient. By means of paratransit software, either the patient or the healthcare provider can easily reserve NEMT in a matter of seconds just the same as booking a taxi. Likewise, the NEMT providers can give different vehicle choices for their clients to pick from.

Real-time updates with sophisticated software

When the traditional NEMT booking comes to an end, it is impossible for the rides to be tracked once the reservation is confirmed. With the GPS tracking property of NEMT software, the NEMT providers get real-time updates on every ongoing ride. Whereas vehicle monitoring means safety for the NEMT providers, they can make able healthcare providers and patients to gain access to the vehicles’ location and make arrangements accordingly. This reduces the ratio of trip cancellations and increases your business opportunities.

Customer engagement with state-of-the-art software

Well, NEMT is mainly available for the urban population and the rural areas remain beyond coverage. This non-availability of NEMT is one of the main causes behind the issue of people missing their healthcare appointments. When talking about medical transportation scheduling software, NEMT services involve broader geography including rural areas. Delivering your target people with ease of access can increase customer engagement. Increased customer engagement means more revenue for NEMT providers.


The traditional NEMT setup is disconnected or divided with communication barriers among the parties concerned that including healthcare providers, NEMT providers, insurance companies, and patients. This impedes the maximum growth of the NEMT section. While Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Software helps in optimizing operations/performance and increasing overall efficiency, there is a greater place for maximum business productivity.

·       Auto-generated reports

·       Integral voice response systems

·       Decreased workloads for staff

·       Auto-generated billing

Do you want to increase opportunities for your NEMT business with sophisticated and customizable software? Well, you are in the right place. NEMT Cloud Dispatch has been providing for years the NEMT providers with state-of-the-art, all-inclusive customizable software. You will find our work of high quality as well as our rates comparatively lower. Just call us and get one for you!

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