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Last updated: 14/05/2024
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How Technology Has Evolved NEMT Industry?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services were launched in 1966 as part of the federal and state program under Medicaid. Non-emergency transportation services have immensely grown, by 2008 they had 47.7 million beneficiaries. Since then, NEMT has come a long way ahead as now more than $72 million residents within the US are using NEMT services.

What is NEMT?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is a type of health care transportation service provided to patients that are not in the state of an emergency but have to pay a visit to the hospitals or clinics for their scheduled appointments or doctor checkups etc. These services are provided usually to people that are old and to the ones that are not capable to drive either due to an injury or do not own a personal car.

Reasons for using a Nemt can vary in the form of physical and psychological reasons or due to geographic isolation. So, these service providers act as a medium between those patients who need to meet their appointments or clinical visits on time.

What is NEMT Dispatch Software?

The NEMT Software is a web and mobile-based application that has automated many functionalities and processes that were previously handled manually by the NEMT service providers. NEMT processes have been streamlined through the effective integration of all functions required to operate a NEMT.

The software is a combination of standard and customizable functions which makes management quite easier. The software will optimize your route planning, scheduling, fleet management, and much more.
Following is the list of modules that are included in the NEMT Dispatch Software.

  • Account Management
  • Trip Management
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Scheduling
  • Dispatch & Routing
  • Client Management
  • Claim Management
  • Reports
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Broker Support & Integrations
  • Human Resource Management
  • Administration
  • Fleet Management

The Non-emergency medical transportation software is designed with a user-friendly interface that is simple to use and operate. In addition to this, each of the functions automates the processes involved in trip management.
The platform brings efficiency to fleet operation through automation as a consequence reduced costs and higher revenues. For example, any non-emergency medical patient can easily access the service of the NEMT fleet near him/her thus allowing NEMTs to meet the patient's transportation needs on fingers tips using the NEMT application.

NEMT dispatchers can use medical transportation software to effectively allocate and schedule their fleet to meet clients' needs. The software has several sub-modules as well, click here to know more about each function in detail.

What do We offer to NEMT Service Providers?

The question in your mind must be what is our role in all of this? With the rising demand for NEMT services, many complications are faced in managing NEMT trips manually. We offer technological solutions to Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services through our skilled team of developers that have developed medical transportation software under the NEMT Cloud Dispatch brand.

The technological solution is aimed to simplify the problems faced by NEMT dispatchers in managing the NEMT fleet such as missing rides, more fuel costs, weak monitoring of the fleet, time-consuming paperwork, etc.

Why Do You Need a NEMT Software?

The need for technology has become a necessity for all businesses in the modern era. While selecting a robust software solution to manage medical transportation operations is also vital. The selection of technology is a critical decision for any business and equally important for NEMT businesses because quality NEMT Software can only lead to higher engagement and business proficiencies.

NEMT Software provides you with the functionalities that lead you toward the accomplishment of business goals and operational proficiencies.

According to Zion Market Research, it has been forecasted that the NEMT market will expand to over $ 42 billion dollars valued at $ 25 billion dollars in 2014.� The compound annual growth rate CAGR is projected to be above 6.8% by 2022. This shows how rapidly the NEMT market has grown and evolved over the last decade.

It is key for NEMT companies to incorporate new trends parallel to this evolution within the NEMT industry. With the expansion of NEMT businesses, NEMT will have to deal with higher complexities. Therefore, a prime solution is in the name of NEMT Cloud Software, an essential solution that streamlines all of the NEMT functions under one platform and application.

How a Robust NEMT Software Leads NEMT to Success?

NEMT Dispatch Software is beyond any common dispatching software as it integrates all features of the NEMT business into one place. The software has three key portals i.e. Admin Portal, Driver Portal, and Client Portal. The manual complexities that were faced prior to the automation of the process have been mitigated.

Our team at NEMT Cloud Dispatch has skillfully developed this software through in-depth diagnoses of the issues faced by NEMT service providers. A well-thought solution has been prepared in the form of NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software to streamline the processes.

For example, using the software can help dispatchers to manage a number of trips simultaneously. The non-emergency medical dispatching software enables auto-scheduling of the reoccurring trips as well as allocates the nearest fleet for the nearest client routes. This also helps drivers to prepare ahead of time.

Moreover, the software allows custom scheduling of trips that provides flexibility in case of the need for alterations. This reduces fuel costs due to route optimization hence more revenue.

Strong features such as reports, billing, and payments allow managing all of the reporting electronically, all of which can be processed through the medical transporting software. It's quite easy to administer and manage your staff with administration and human resource management modules.

NEMT Dispatch Software allows convenience in profile management, dashboard management, claim management, user management, and a lot of other administrative features. The software allows you to manage your resources in a highly effective manner as you are able to categorize your staff, assign fleets, manage attendance, etc.

The software allows you to integrate software brokerages as well as manage your claims using the electronic claim management feature.

Apart from this, features such as alerts and notifications allow you to send significant and timely alerts to fleet drivers and clients. These alerts ensure that no ride is missed, vehicles are maintained regularly and provide alerts to drivers prior to the expiration of driver licenses.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Software Has Become a Must!

If you want to stay ahead within the NEMT industry, it is significant for NEMTs to timely incorporate the required changes. Technology is playing a prominent role in the success of a business. Good software will help your NEMT business to stay competitive in the rapidly growing NEMT industry.

It is essential to incorporate a robust solution to utilize the maximum market potential that is massively expanding. Our provided solution brings a higher degree of automation in processes along with the flexibility that is easily operated and makes customizable changes within the software. The integrated features within the NEMT medical transportation software are worth the investment to give a boost to your NEMT business.

Quality software can remove the time-consuming headaches involved in manual processing through automated functionalities for reporting and schedules etc.

The current world business dynamics also demand NEMTs to evolve by incorporating solutions that can help them sustain and grow. A little time for a demo can prove to be worthwhile in the longer run. A robust solution is waiting for you!

5/5(3 votes)

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