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Last updated: 10/05/2024
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Reasons Why Your NEMT Business Benefits from Route Optimization and Planning Software

What Is Route Optimization?

Well, route optimization is the procedure of finding the most cost-effective as well as shortest, safest, and traffic-free route. Potent route optimization assists businesses to optimize finalized orders or supplies meanwhile incorporating many requirements including driver schedules, number of stops, available time, fulfillment assessments, and legal provisions. Keep in mind that delivery or medical transportation routing is not just about determining the shortest route from point A to point B, instead, it is about finding the most efficient route for many different factors. In this blog, we have described in detail the reasons why you should purchase route optimization software for your NEMT business. Anyway, click here if you want to know how to operate NEMT Business during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Either you provide other transportation services or have your own fleet and provide NEMT services, the utilization of route optimization software has many advantages. Increasing volumes and growing client expectations make handbook planning extremely difficult. The smart algorithms of route planning software create the most effective solutions/outcomes that make you able to save on transportation costs. So, these are the reasons you should order route optimization software for your NEMT business.



Schedule a Route in a Half-Minute

Irrespective of what plan you use, it will take much longer than a half-minute to plan routes with pen and paper aka manually. However, with route optimization software, you can easily perform it in a half-minute.

The route optimization software performs all the needed complicated calculations in a matter of seconds. After that, it provides you with a 100% exact optimized path. Hence, you save a lot of time that you instead put in expanding your NEMT business. That implies you no more waste time with route planning and administration.

Furthermore, your drivers can cover more roads in a similar time as before with the better roads this time with the help of route optimization software.

Moreover, your drivers will be glad as they would get great roads with almost no troubles. This will enhance efficiency which means prompt and timely delivery. This will eventually make your clients do more business with you and recommend your NEMT services to other people or say that refer more customers to you. And all this is possible when your NEMT business runs on route optimization software.


Prevent Awkward Turns

While drivers cover numerous routes every day, they will definitely deal with various types of turns. These would comprise of right turns, U-turns, and left turns. And keep in mind that each turn comes with its own set of difficulties.

For instance, 70% of accidents occur due to left turn junctions. Furthermore, these turns cause time loss as the driver must first wait for impending traffic to clear. This implies that the fuel usage will increase and consequently expenses will go up.

U-turns can also cause fuel costs to go up as it is hard to take in crowded areas downtown.

Therefore, your drivers might require to take another path to reach the location. This implies that it will take more time to reach the location. It will also mean additional fuel costs.

The issue is that when you manually plan routes, you cannot take into account such turns. However, you cannot leave them also.

This is where fleet route optimization software can certify to be extremely helpful. This type of software comes with a feature to prevent right turns, left turns, and U-turns. You just have to choose your preference. After that, the software will automatically and spontaneously plan a route without the turns that were specified.


Make Sure Drop-Offs at the Exact Spots

Dropping off a patient in a less congested area may be an easy task. However, doing the same in a more congested place and, like metropolitan cities and the hospitals in it could be a daunting task.

For instance, the hospital might have many doorways. Therefore, it would be hard to recognize the one designed for deliveries. Besides, Google Maps only displays one doorway and it is not certainly the right one for your drivers.

And in case your drivers have no idea where exactly to drop off a patient, they will circle around. In other terms, it means additional fuel expenses and loss of time. But, you can avoid this problem with route optimization software.

All you gotta do is to mark the right gateway in the software when you go to a place for the first time. The next time a route is arranged and scheduled for that place, the software will ensure time is not wasted moreover.

Furthermore, the routing software enables you to save places or destinations you have been to. It is even possible to set particular drop-off points. Thereby, your customers do not have to wait for you and you can serve them better.


Improve Fleet Efficiency

Keep in mind that software that is a better route planner only chooses those vehicles needed for the picks and drops of that day. By increasing the ratio of occupation, you can save much on fleet expenses. The reason is that drivers also drive fewer kilometers, consequently, you save on vehicle sustenance costs and you increase the life of the used fleet.



Bring Improvement in Staff Performance

NEMT Cloud Dispatch’s planning software not just makes sure greater fleet efficiency but also improves staff planning. By taking legal driving and rest period into consideration, without absent employees, fixing working times in line with preference, and sending employees with the appropriate skills to the right tasks, you also get a great staff schedule tight as a drum.


Enhance Client Service

Well, remember that it is not something new that the hopes and needs of customers are getting increasingly challenging. Route optimization software takes into consideration all the needs and demands of these customers to make possible even better service. Delivery timeslots can be set more accurately and the order cutoff can be suspended. Therefore, you increase client satisfaction.

Enhance Sustainability

Well, a number of NEMT companies attempt to do business in a socially responsible way. With route optimization and fleet efficiency, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions are being extremely lowered. Our route optimization software takes into consideration the utmost range when planning and scheduling routes for you.


You Can Make Sound Decisions

The best route optimization software provides not just planning of operations but also useful information. With the help of generated solutions or hypothetical simulations, sound and key decisions can be made based on the basis of important information. Figure the influence of substitute vehicles on planning to simulate the most efficient fleet. In other words, compare the revenue of your customer with the marginal cost of the pickup and drop-off and select the best time for it.


Final Say

Route optimization software no doubt has many benefits, including a high profit on investment. For customer satisfaction, the route of your fleet should be planned and optimized by the best algorithms, based on the KPI’s and requirements of your NEMT company. We hope that this blog on why you should purchase for your NEMT business route optimization software was helpful. Whether you are looking for a driving route planner or want a better route planner app or even a trip route planner. Don’t worry! We have got you as NEMT Cloud Dispatch’s route optimization software is an all-in-one product. We think you need one for your business. If this is the case, then what are you waiting for? Discover the NEMT Cloud Dispatch’s specifically designed for NEMT business customizable software now at affordable rates. Just call our salesmen now.


5/5(3 votes)

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