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Overcome Fraud in NEMT services with NEMT Software

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The days of the NEMT industry with traditional technology have changed. Nowadays, companies are using non-emergency medical transportation software. Before buying software, there are two key questions that come to our minds. When you get the answer to these questions, then you should definitely opt for that technology. The first of the two key questions that should be answered, i.e.

 why it is important to use NEMT Software? While the second question to answer is how NEMT software can help a NEMT.

Why NEMT Software is a Necessity and How it Can Help?

The simple answer to this is the increasing demand for NEMT. The demand has also increased the level of competition. NEMT companies need tools to stay ahead and competitive in the NEMT market. There are different ways good software can help NEMT. 

Firstly, the integration of modern technology in this era has become a need to stay competitive. Secondly, transportation dispatch software will make your product and services rare. But it’s important that you ensure the software has the right set of modules. It should match the needs of your business.

Thirdly, NEMT software helps to increase transparency and automation in processes. Lastly, you can reduce costs and make more money using non-emergency medical transportation software.

How NEMT Software Overcomes Misuse of NEMT?

There are various ways a NEMT Scheduling Software can help your NEMT. Traditional ways of NEMT business allow misusage and exploitation which increases the costs of NEMT. However, well-built software cuts down these loopholes.  The major reason for fraud is the lack of use of updated technology.

As it helps to monitor NEMTs effectively. Fraud takes place in different ways such as fudging invoices, wrong billing, faking trips, etc. Unable to handle fraud can lead to higher costs for NEMTs.

For instance, patients that did not need ambulance services but provided the ambulance service or in other cases, trips are added that never took place. Request a Demo!

The software brings automation to the processes and most of the processes are accessible from any place at any time. The software improves the overall monitoring of a NEMT business and helps to overcome the misuse of NEMT services. Furthermore, below is discussed how NEMT software contributes to reducing the misuse of NEMT services.

Scheduling the Best Route

Without any real-time data on drivers' locations, there are chances for drivers may take longer routes. Without the right software, you have no proper way to track your fleet. NEMT Dispatch Software helps you track your fleet with the real-time location.

High-quality GPS trackers help to achieve this. GPS trackers with onboard diagnostics (OBD), G-sensor, and dashcams become even more important. Because it allows you to monitor drivers' behavior and the performance of each fleet after each ride. It allows a higher level of monitoring. Thus, lowering the chances of fraud and savings for NEMT businesses.

Reducing Insurance Costs

Apart from this, insurance scams can be reduced. In case of an unfortunate incident like an accident. With the help of the NEMT system, useful data can be retrieved in just seconds. Insurance costs can be reduced by providing images and information to the concerned health caregivers while in transit. On the other hand, it ensures that the patients receive the best service.

Mitigate Faking of Trips

NEMT software is a cutting-edge technology that helps to manage all the information related to NEMT operations accurately. Mobile accessibility helps in tracking the orders for both dispatchers and drivers. Every trip can be administrated from its departure to the destination using NEMT Dispatch. The fake entry of trips is not possible due to the effective trip management features of the software. As it is easy to schedule your rides with NEMT Cloud Dispatch

You can schedule rides through both manual and auto-scheduling. Automatic scheduling comes into play in setting repeating trips to drivers that had been scheduled for the same trips before.

Furthermore, you can alter each trip if the need arises to do so while all of these records are maintained on the system and is accessible. Hence, the software provides details about each schedule beforehand which eliminates chances of fake trips.

Eliminate Over Billing and Up-coding Practices

A fraudulent practice that takes place is overbilling. Wrong billing can break customer trust. While these errors can result in lost clients.  There are cases in which patients are charged for unnecessary services. For example, a patient is provided an ambulance whereas, a wheelchair could have done the job.

Thus, the customer pays double the cost.  Scheduling software adds transparency in providing services. Whereas all of this information is available on the cloud. This helps to increase the trust of the customers.

If your business lacks updated technology, then it will fail to manage rides. 

In addition to this, it has been reported that some clients book rides and at the last minute cancel the ride or don't show up. While users can access the estimated time of arrival for each ride. This allows the clients to cancel a ride ahead of time to avoid missed rides.

Dispatchers assign safe areas to drivers which motivates them to be more productive. GPS map gives an accurate location of the fleet. GPS ensures quick and efficient management of trips. By this, overall fuel and maintenance costs go down. When clients are confirmed and the best route is selected for multiple drivers for each trip.

Drivers can share receipts of bills through the software and reducing the chances of fraud.

Non-emergency transportation software allows accurate billing with brokerage integration. Furthermore, you are able to integrate third-party payment channels. Sharing invoices and other reports such as quick books or other custom reports is easy.

Beneficial Modules of NEMT Cloud Dispatch

You must be wondering what modules are part of this great software. There are many areas where you can make the most of the transportation software. Below is a list of some of the key modules that are part of this software.

  • Human Resource and Administration
  • Customer Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Trip Management
  • User Account Management
  • Dispatching & Routing
  • Manual & Auto Scheduling
  • Billing & Third-Party Payment Integrations
  • Brokerage Integrations

You can learn more about the features of the NEMT software by visiting the NEMT website. NEMT Cloud Dispatch helps fight fraud in the NEMT business. Turn your profits up with the help of the well-built modules of the NEMT Dispatching Software.


You can maximize the value of your business. While on the other hand, you can minimize costs. This increases savings and you end up making more revenue. Finally, my opinion is that if you really prefer to streamline your NEMT business, then NEMT Cloud Dispatching software is the best transportation software.