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Benefits of NEMT Cloud Dispatching & Routing Module
Last updated: 10/05/2024
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Top 10 Benefits of NEMT Cloud Dispatching and Routing Module

NEMT Routing Software was once limited to large NEMT companies that required maintenance and support to a higher degree. While on the other hand, the tool was costly. Now with NEMT routing software from NEMT Cloud Dispatch, small and medium-sized NEMT industries can take advantage of easy routing and scheduling just like the large commercial fleets.
Orders are fed into the software package and optimized; routes are created and loaded onto a device for the driver and the dispatcher. The route tracking feature provides the exact location of where the driver is on the delivery route. Connect with our sales representative for an Online Demo Now!

Uses of NEMT Cloud Dispatching & Routing Module

Transportation Management Software has a lot of benefits for NEMT Companies. However, there are many benefits in light of Dispatching & Routing. The Routing Features Provide the NEMT Industry with many Benefits Including:

Improve Route Management Planning

Route management tracks real-time information on the traffic situation. On the basis of this information, NEMT Routing Software improves route plans for drivers. Hence, minimizing the distance, optimizing the fuel costs, and improving the ride experience.

Improve Safety for Drivers and Fleet

In the aspect of the NEMT industry, the drivers spend a lot of time on the road, they are open to the risk of serious accidents. Our Routing Management Features aim toward driver safety through route optimization. NEMT Software plans towards safer driving zones to ensure the overall safety of your fleet.

Improved Overall Monitoring of your NEMT

With the GPS trackers and dashcams installed, any deviation from the suggested route can be checked. In addition to this, a video record of the whole ride experience is available for each ride.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

People nowadays are very busy. They are in need of accurate information about vehicle departure and estimated arrival. That is only possible with an effective routing tool. NEMT Cloud Dispatching Software provides that with its route management module. It provides users with accurate information about the Estimated Time of Arrival ETA.  Whereas, the Software also provides other key status updates that increase the value of the customer and the brand.

Improve NEMT Productivity

The NEMT industry can achieve a 50% productivity increase in dispatch and routing functions alone! No more creating routes by hand or creating route sheets through a spreadsheet. In addition to this, routing software allows for dispatchers to easily adjust routes and schedules. You can plan and schedule repetitive routes ahead of time.
Such as setting daily to monthly route schedules. Apart from this, you can alter the schedule if the need arises to do so. Hence, higher productivity due to effective route scheduling!

Improve Customer Service

The NEMT Scheduling Software system allows visibility of delivery schedules and allows for flexibility to make adjustments. Many NEMT Software Packages come along with dispatch Android and iPhone apps. So does this one. Moreover, this mobile application can photograph the delivery and capture the name of who signed for the delivery.

Reduced Operating Costs of NEMTs

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses for running a NEMT business. Most NEMT industries can reduce fuel costs by 5% to 10% by reducing miles traveled and idling time. Effective route management reduces labor costs and also eliminates waiting time. Hence, reduced run time means less wear and tear on trucks and fewer costs for maintenance.

Increased Fleet Service Level

NEMT Scheduling Software has higher flexibility. Thus, having routing software with higher flexibility allows the NEMT industry to accommodate more complex requirements.

Improved Fleet Visibility

Having a routing software system allows for the visibility of delivery schedules. Therefore, knowing where your drivers are at all times is important to managing your NEMT business.

iPhone/Android Application

Use NEMT dispatch software through your iPhone or Android smartphone. It gives your drivers the ability to see and manage their trips, while at the same time, providing key insights for your dispatcher.


The non-emergency medical transportation software dispatching application gives drivers a real-time look at all their trips. The fleet drivers are able to access the fastest available route with the help of GPS navigation. Thus, NEMT Dispatching Software saves both time and money for NEMTs.
GPS navigates collects traffic information from other IoT devices and guides the driver to take the shortest route from the point of pick to drop off location. The updates regarding ride details are easily accessible such as the trip status, trip time and odometers, etc. throughout the rides. To know more, Request a Demo Now

5/5(3 votes)

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