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Features of NEMT Billing Software
Last updated: 24/01/2024
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Key Features of NEMT Billing Software

Record keeping is an essential part of any business and the transportation business is no exception. So, having good NEMT Billing Software such as the NEMT cloud dispatch software can aid you in this regard and will improve your transport business.

What is a NEMT Billing Software?

Non Emergency Medical Transportation billing software is computer software that is used to automate the billing of services delivered to clients. In the light of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, NEMT Billing Software has integrated all the major operational functions involved in non-emergency transportation service management. Users are able to track from hours to any type of services provided to customers. Furthermore, the manual process of billing is a time-consuming process. So, the NEMT billing software and dispatching software saves a lot of hours as well as money for the company which can be utilized somewhere else.

NEMT Dispatching Software and its modules for billing are very efficient. The NEMT Billing Software helps to customize all the details of your invoices. It also automates invoices as well as saves history for each bill. As a matter of fact, it supports the retention of customers via quick interaction which enhances the service quality and improves the volume in customers for NEMT businesses.

Generally, non-emergency patients, senior citizens, and rural residents benefit from non-emergency medical transit. People in need of physical therapy, chemotherapy, and others use this service. The patients need regular medical check-ups and have to meet medical appointments. For example, moving patients from one hospital to another. In rural regions, the availability of transportation is often limited. Therefore, NEMT billing software is very useful to them.

Factors in NEMT Billing 

Transportation dispatching software is developed on the basis of various factors. There are several factors such as fuel mileage and vehicle type etc. that are important in determining the bill. To elaborate more, the billing for non-emergency medical transportation can vary by its contract type, and on the basis of the miles. Total mileage for each trip is an important factor in calculating the bill. Moreover, the people on board other than the driver such as medical attendants or other health workers increase the cost as compared to normal rides.

In light of the above paragraph, vehicle type is also a significant factor in billing. For example, ambulances have higher rates than taxis due to more equipment for patient care. While some NEMT vehicles come with private bathrooms and beds. In some cases, NEMTs appoint two drivers to cover long-distance trips. This is also an important part of the billing process.

NEMT bills also depend upon the type of transportation. Ground transportation is the most common type of non-emergency transportation necessities. However, some NEMTs even provide non-emergency air transport or cruise ships, etc. Some NEMTs have a contract with state or private brokerages.  For example, Medicaid or any other contracted organization. Cost of fuel, staffing and vehicle maintenance are also crucial to consider while setting prices or fees with facilities, for which, you may have to bill them on a monthly or on weekly basis. Therefore, you may send bills and invoices to your contractors. Payments may depend on facilities and who you contract with. The NEMT Software considers almost every important factor with detail and precision to ensure effective billing.

Outstanding Features of Our NEMT Billing Software

What are the features and benefits of a product like NEMT billing software? Well, NEMT billing software advanced features add value to the paratransit billing operations by

  • Efficient, Effective, Affordable, and easy-to-use features
  • Reduce billing cost and shows accurate NEMT rates
  • Easy enough to keep your billing and revenue in-house
  • Improved NEMT billing
  • Improve cash flow
  • Timely Payment
  • Faster reimbursement
  • Denied claims management

For more information on our NEMT billing software and recurring billing software as well as this product features, connect now with our client representative.

5/5(3 votes)

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