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NEMT Cloud Dispatch Features Spotlight: Dispatching
Last updated: 24/01/2024
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NEMT Cloud Dispatch Features Spotlight: Dispatching

Because dispatching is one of the initial phases in the non-emergency medical transportation process, how trips are scheduled and handled has an influence on everything that comes after it. Providers should use NEMT dispatch software to locate the best route, choose the best driver for every trip, and detect multiloading opportunities wherever feasible in order to optimize their efforts. If you have been performing dispatching manually, this is practically hard to perform effectively; however, with our NEMT dispatch software, it's as simple and clear as ever.

Multiload Trip Management

When it's time to schedule a drive, our NEMT dispatch software checks for any possible multiloading alternatives for your drivers. After locating a multiloading opportunity and selecting extra patients, the NEMT dispatch software generates a consistent pick-up and drop-off plan for your drivers. Once your dispatchers are satisfied with the route, they may allocate it to a driver and begin the trip process. Our sophisticated multiloading NEMT dispatch software reduces the number of drivers required as well as the number of ambulances on the road, saving you time, money, and gasoline.

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Auto-Scheduling and Dispatching

It can be difficult to plan your drivers' routes. The use of NEMT dispatch software's feature, auto-scheduling in conjunction with machine learning and AI, helps to lessen the complexity of this work. The software may handle many of your routes using the auto-scheduling option. Using this capability allows your dispatchers to focus on more challenging client demands.

Real-Time Trip Tracking

Well, you usually want to ensure that every patient arrives at their destination safely and on schedule. Our NEMT dispatch software's real-time tracking functionality allows you to observe trip progress as it happens. This allows you to check whether your drivers are on the proper route, do they make any recreational stops on their way, and, most importantly, if the patient arrives on time. Furthermore, if you discover that the targeted route is no more the most efficient one, you can easily give drivers trip adjustments directly from the system.

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Optimize your Route to Save Time and Money

Finding the most effective routes for each ride is an important component of offering the greatest trip experience for customers. Before dispatching a trip, our NEMT Cloud Dispatch software searches for the shortest and safest routes, ensuring that your drivers do not encounter terrible traffic, risky terrain, or anything else that might hinder their progress.

You Should Always Choose the Right Vehicle

If your company provides ambulatory, wheelchair, and stretcher transportation, it is important that you pick the appropriate vehicle for each customer. For example, if you're carrying a patient who uses a wheelchair but deploys a vehicle without wheelchair security, that's a significant concern. Our NEMT dispatch software proposes the best available car whenever a passenger's demands are identified.

Perform Efficient Scheduling and Dispatching

We recognize that each NEMT provider operates under distinct conditions. The organization of Medicaid, Medicare, and insurance-funded services varies by state; providers may serve predominantly urban or rural areas and collaborate with single or numerous funders.

Our NEMT dispatch software allows you to create optimum schedules easily and features versatile scheduling and dispatch modules tailored to unique requirements. Other responsibilities include reducing back-office procedures like billing, boosting communication with drivers, and improving customer service. Please, choose a date and time from our calendar and Request a Demo.

5/5(3 votes)

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