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How to Get Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Contracts
Last updated: 06/04/2024
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How to Get Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Contracts?

First things first! Do you operate a non-emergency medical transportation business? In that case, here are seven easy tips that will help you secure non-emergency medical transportation contracts. Well, patient transportation is an integral part of the health and medical services business since many patients require assistance going to and from medical facilities. When it comes to the non-emergency medical transportation industry, it is made up of people who need help getting from one location to another on a one-time, occasional, or routine basis.

It covers ambulatory persons who cannot walk, drive, or get in and off public transportation on their own. Ambulatory refers to a person who walks but moves slowly owing to handicap or age. Such a person may walk with the assistance of a walking stick or walker.

Most patients require transportation from and to their homes, clinics, or medical institutions, whether inside a single hospital complex or over a broader area. With the Federal and State governments' sponsorship of Medicare and Medicaid, respectively, for the elderly, the demand for non-emergency medical transportation is increasing every passing day. The non-emergency medical transportation business has grown out of this need.

However, suppose you wish to run a successful non-emergency medical transportation business. In that case, you need to get contracts frequently; otherwise, you will have a business but no service to provide. In order to start a business in this field, medical transportation contracts are vital.

Where You Can Get NEMT Contracts

Regardless of the size of your company, it is crucial to adopt a dual-pronged strategy to secure an adequate number of contracts.

Firstly, establish connections with the local community to ensure awareness of your NEMT company's presence. This involves proactive outreach and engagement to inform citizens about the services you offer.

Secondly, prioritize communication with potential service clients to build relationships and address their specific needs. The dynamics of contract acquisition are unpredictable, and opportunities may arise from unexpected sources.

Explore the list below to discover potential partners and further enhance your reach in the market.

Suggestions to Follow for Getting NEMT Contract

Here are a few suggestions that may work best for your non-emergency medical transportation business if you are thinking about starting one or have already started one.

Make Publicity a Priority

It would be best if you made people aware of your business in order for it to thrive. This is also true in the non-emergency medical transportation industry. It would help if you built as much publicity as possible for your new venture. Print fliers and booklets and distribute them to hospitals, physicians, schools, and the general community.

Another helpful thing you can do for your company's exposure is to promote it on the internet. You need to create social media accounts where you may reach out to your intended audience and target market.

Pay Attention to Your Rates

Similar to any other type of business, in NEMT business too, the charges you determine for your clients will play an essential role in their acceptance of your NEMT services. Because NEMT company operators often make between $35 and $60 per hour, you will need to choose the pricing that works best for your situation. Operators in cities might charge more than operators in rural areas.

Furthermore, based on your customer base, you may be able to provide discount packages or reward schemes that may help you enhance your income when things slow down. Examine NEMT operations of comparable size and those that provide similar services to yours (in a similar location). Consider their fee structures, geographic delivery region, and fleet size and type.

Your price plan should represent both your customers' capacity to pay and their expectations. You are up against cab services and other public transportation alternatives. Your marketing advantage will be what makes you unique to your community.

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Medical Institutions

Well, regular non-emergency medical transportation contracts can also be obtained from medical institutes. Several transportation companies have direct relationships with hospitals, medical centers, dialysis facilities, and other medical organizations. These ties can supply you with one-time clients who are being discharged from the emergency room as well as regular clients who have appointments for treatments as many as three times per week.

Contact with Brokers

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) brokers play a pivotal role in the healthcare ecosystem, acting as intermediaries responsible for assigning transportation jobs to NEMT providers, overseeing trip management, and serving as liaisons between insurance companies and healthcare facilities. Establishing contractual relationships with NEMT brokers is a crucial step for transportation service providers looking to thrive in this specialized sector. It is imperative to familiarize yourself with the specific requirements of these brokers and adhere closely to their guidelines in order to be considered as a reliable and preferred partner.

  • Prioritize excellent customer service to create a positive impression on NEMT brokers and ensure a comfortable journey for passengers.
  • Emphasize cleanliness and maintain high hygiene standards in your transportation service to enhance your standing with brokers.
  • Timeliness is crucial; punctual and reliable services contribute to your reliability in the eyes of both brokers and clients.
  • Pay meticulous attention to the accuracy of documentation and correctness of claims submitted to build trust and credibility with NEMT brokers.
  • Precision in record-keeping and billing processes not only facilitates smooth transactions but also establishes a positive industry reputation.

Nursing Home and Retirement Communities

Retirement homes and long-term care requirement communities are another excellent sectors to enter. These elderly or disabled folks frequently require transportation to medical appointments. They will frequently require transportation for other reasons such as shopping, amusement, or visiting relatives.

Stay in Touch with Private Paying Clients

Well, private paying clients are one of the most important niche markets you can tap into to secure contracts for your non-emergency medical transportation service. In fact, several firms in this area only cater to private paying consumers.

This type of customer generally pays the total price, and if you treat them properly and make an effort to create a connection, you can profit from repeat business. Profit margins are high with this type of consumer. You will, however, need to perform some advertising to reach them in the beginning until you establish a strong reputation and begin receiving 'word-of-mouth' recommendations.

Medicaid Opportunities

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is typically used to refer to transportation provided to Medicaid members to and from medical appointments, pharmacies, urgent care centers, and hospitals. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, COPD, and asthma patients all benefit from NEMT, especially those with chronic illnesses. A Medicaid NEMT broker enters into a contract with a State Medicaid Agency to handle patient transportation in a certain geographic area.

Contracts vs Service Agreements

The difference between a service agreement and a contract for NEMT companies is how legally serious they are. A contract is a strict legal document. If someone breaks the contract, it can lead to legal problems and even a court case. Contracts are usually needed by big health insurance companies or large medical institutions.

On the other hand, a service agreement is also a legal document, but it's easier to end without big consequences. For example, if you agreed to take 10 passengers a day, but your partner doesn't bring you that many, you would probably talk about it instead of going to court. Service agreements offer more flexibility and feel more like a friendly partnership than a scary legal document. This makes them more convenient for brokers and non-medical institutions. When dealing with private clients, you usually don't need contracts or agreements. All you need is a good NEMT client software app to communicate well with your private customers and handle payments smoothly.

Let Us Help You Reach Brokers and Get contracts

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