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NEMT Software with Real-Time GPS Tracking

Published By: NEMT Cloud Dispatch

Having complete insight into driver activities and the status of trips is the best way to maintain a smooth-running schedule and ensure eligibility and reimbursements. Drivers and clients both benefit from the safety of digital real-time messaging. Drivers need to be able to get immediate notifications about no shows, added trips, and/or removed trips. They also need access to accurate client information and the ability to capture signatures digitally.

NEMT software with real-time driver tracking gives your dispatch management capabilities an instant upgrade with must-have features like electronic signature capture, paperless documentation for proof of service and more; all with dispatch software that integrates a web-browser portal for the dispatcher to a driver mobile app, that is quick to implement with all your existing brokers and funding sources, all while being easier to use than any other dispatch software on the market today.

Real-time driver tracking software makes you enjoy dispatch software that is more efficient than you ever thought possible. Streamline your dispatch operations with our auto dispatch software and keep your dispatchers and drivers connected. Show up at the right time, the right place, and every time!

Non-emergency medical transportation providers face many challenges where optimal efficiency and safety are equally critical. Our real-time drivers tracking, route planning toolsand dispatch software provide real-time monitoring of transit performance. Also, we help you enable superior service and efficiency through our powerful combination of effective driver/trip tracking and paperless documentation, all in a single desktop dispatch portal and mobile app that gives your trip management an instant upgrade.

The benefits of driver tracking are:

  • Medical transportation companies can view driver progress in real-time. Such updates put the agency indirect control of the driver en route, allowing the company to make better decisions and improve customer service.
  • Another benefit of real-time drivers tracking is that while drivers are en route, the dispatcher can communicate with customers (patients) to provide an accurate time for arrival. The customer (patient) can be kept informed of potential delays even before the arrival time.
  • Real-time tracking offers drivers travel information on an immediate basis and if sent directly to an online software application, this data can be viewed 24 hours a day. A dispatcher is able to monitor vehicles on the ground, spot real-time traffic jams and observe how weather or traffic congestion might be affecting a route.
  • Furthermore, driver tracking helps keep drivers honest. Medical agencies often choose to be discreet about the placement of real-time GPS tracking devices so they can get a truly candid picture of how drivers behave while operating vehicles on company time. In addition, you can retrieve detailed reports about driving activity, trips, vehicle stops and duration of them, fuel monitoring and much more crucial information.