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Meet the Broker officeally integrated with nemt cloud dispatch
Last updated: 22/01/2024
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Meet the Broker: Office Ally

Non-emergency medical transportation is an ever-evolving healthcare industry. With growth, providers face various challenges in managing their operations efficiently. Office Ally is one of the trusted brokers in the field that offers a wide range of innovative software solutions specifically custom-made to address the needs of NEMT businesses at different levels.


optimize operations with nemt cloud dispatch and office ally integration


This blog post introduces you to Office Ally's capabilities and cutting-edge tools that can revolutionize your NEMT services.

Toolkits for Today's Healthcare

Here are essential toolkits provided by Office Ally

Clearing Houses

To simplify eligibility and claim management Office Ally provides clearing house solutions designed for

  • Streamline the activities
  • Simplify the complex processes
  • Eligibility verification
  • Claim management

NEMT providers can quickly and affordably access all payer's information. They can check eligibility, submit claims, track claim status, and get paid promptly. Clearing houses offer various ways to submit claims and fix any errors, making the NEMT process simple and efficient.

Practice Mate

Making front and back-office tasks easy and managing NEMT businesses is super important. That's where Office Ally's Practice Mate comes in! It's a secure and dependable solution that smooths front and back tasks. It handles patient scheduling, billing, insurance verification, and claim processing. With Practice Mate, everything works better. It reduces the paperwork and helps make more money.

Practice Mate is helpful because it puts different things together in one place. It makes things work better, reduces mistakes, and makes patients happier.

EHR 24/7

Electronic healthcare records (EHRs) are vital for excellent patient care and keeping records organized. Office Ally's EHR 24/7 helps NEMT providers with this. They can access and complete patient records quickly, making things run smoothly. By storing and managing medical records, care plans, and test results online, doctors and nurses can see what's happening in real-time. It helps them make decisions faster and helps patients get better care. The customizable forms and notes in EHR 24/7 let them personalize the records, ensuring everything is complete.

Revenue recovery

In addition, Office Ally also knows that NEMT providers have financial struggles, so they have solutions to help. Their enterprise solutions can find ways to regain lost money and stop losing more. They have an insurance recovery solution that determines which insurance is active for each patient's service date. Reduces claim denials and helps providers get more money back. They also have a product called Blue Way Tracker that helps with audits, fighting denials, and enrolling patients in Medicaid or charity programs. By using these options, NEMT providers can improve financially and give patients excellent care without interruptions.


Payer Gateway

Office Ally has a fabulous payer gateway solution that helps NEMT providers connect with other healthcare systems and clearing houses. It acts as a bridge between them. With this, providers can collaborate more easily, share information, and make things smoother. It's a great way to improve communication and how everything works together.

With Office Ally as a trusted ally, their dedicated customer and technical support teams can assist throughout the integration process and beyond.


Office Ally is a leading broker in healthcare and has software made just for NEMT providers. They help with many things, like making eligibility and claim management easier, improving how things work in the office, and returning lost money. They also help with seamless connections between different systems. Our NEMT Cloud Dispatch software works with Office Ally, and by teaming up with them, NEMT providers can focus on providing safe and trustworthy transportation to people who need it.

5/5(3 votes)

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