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How to Get a Business License for NEMT
Last updated: 22/01/2024
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How to Get a Business License for NEMT?

As the older population increases, governments worldwide provide Medicaid insurance to their more senior and special citizens. NEMT service providers ensure that these citizens receive safe and quality healthcare services.

So, if you are considering starting a NEMT business, you are in the right place. This article will teach you what licenses are required for running a NEMT business.

Business Licenses for NEMT Providers

First and foremost, advice is to consult with the relevant local authorities because most states have different legal requirements for NEMT business. However, here we will provide general guidance on how to get NEMT business licenses.

➢ You will need a Federal Tax ID (ENI)

➢ A Non-emergency medical transportation seller’s permit

➢ You may need to file a DBA.

Some standard tests and qualifications for your drivers are listed below:

➢ Proof of negative random drug screenings

➢ A criminal background check

➢ A certification of the driver’s health

➢ Number of penalty points on a driving record

➢ A vehicle liability insurance policy

Verify your drivers according to these requirements and make sure they are fit for all the tests.

Additional NEMT Certifications

As the NEMT industry is growing, fierce competition between business owners is a norm now, like any other developing industry.

Because of this competition and continuous adaption, NEMT certifications are now necessary. It is clever if you show proactiveness and certify your drivers.

Here is some industry-leading NEMT certifications program:

NEMTAC Accreditation for NEMT companies

PASS (Passenger assistance safety and sensitivity)

CTS (Certified Transport Specialist)


As you know, vehicles containing specific medical assistance equipment, such as wheelchairs, and stretchers, are required for NEMT providers to run their business.

One more thing you should keep in mind is that your NEMT vehicles should be ADA-compliant. By being ADA-compliant, I mean that you should fulfill the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility specifications for cars.

Some of these requirements are:

➢ Wheelchair attachments have to sustain about 3.000 of pressure per leg.

➢ There has to be interior lighting – a 1-foot candle.

➢ Handicap elevator: 30×40 inches wide platform

➢ Elevator door height: 56 inches; door opening height

Boost Your Productivity with NEMT Cloud Dispatch

Now that you have read this content, you have all the necessary information about acquiring NEMT licenses and certifications. Here is a free tip to boost your productivity and enhance your professionalism.

NEMT Cloud Dispatch is a high-end cloud-based solution for your NEMT business needs. NEMT Cloud Dispatch will help you with the following:

➢ Routing

➢ Dispatching

➢ Scheduling

➢ Invoice and billing

➢ And more!

As the NEMT industry grows, using top-notch technology for enterprise needs has become a norm for business owners.

Just like every business starting a NEMT business also requires proper homework, the central part of which is fulfilling your legal requirements like licenses. If you have done this correctly, you are all ready to set up your office and inventory and start generating some revenue.

5/5(4 votes)

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