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GPS Tracker Product Lines
Last updated: 24/01/2024
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GPS Tracker Product Lines

GPS tracking devices or GPS tracker products are one of the essentials of modern-day fast-paced schedules to monitor each and every detail regarding the location and time of a particular person, object, or vehicle individually as well as professionally. Initially, GPS trackers were used for military purposes which are now extensively used by car rentals, NEMT businesses, cab services, freight owners, cargo vessels, construction fleet owners, and individuals privately. GPS tracking devices are an ideal, reliable, and thorough solution to save time and money at an affordable cost. Whether you are looking for a micro GPS tracker, mini GPS tracker, the smallest GPS tracker or real-time GPS tracker, or hidden GPS tracker for a car, we have available all that you need.

Similarly, while organizing fleet management, GPS tracking devices easily point out the ineffectiveness of a large group of company vehicles by checking their off-route deviations from the pre-planned options and tracks. It not only helps in saving operational and fuel costs on the management's behalf but also saves real-time by increasing the working capability of the limited fleet. The drivers, as well as customers, cannot misuse the company's assets by lying on each other's behalf. Sometimes the customer tries to deceive the management by lying about the late arrival of the vehicle, the GPS tracker will reveal the original timings precisely. The misleading customers demanding refunds for the falsely claimed late appointments could be prevented easily and saves a big amount of business revenues. GPS trackers provide verified proof of an accomplished task by the management group to the complaints and queries. Likewise, the driver's discrepancies could be traced easily by monitoring the GPS tracking device in the vehicle. The following are famous GPS Trackers to suit the different ranges of budgets and requirements. Whether you operate a small rural, a non-profit, or a non-emergency Medical transportation company; automation is key.

Enduro-Portable GPS Tracker

is a lightweight user-friendly GPS tracker that was originally developed for sports activities to monitor team members in real-time with the accurate location on maps. It has been used as one of the most durable, fast, and economical 24/7 GPS trackers. There is no need to register it and install it by a proper technician as it can give excellent performance with 48 hours of nonstop battery life. The USB charger or car charger can instantly charge it for continuous usage. A high-tech portable and waterproof GPS enables you to access different traffic patterns and terrains you plan to travel with extreme weather resistance. Also, we have a magnetic GPS tracker with a GPS tracker detector app. Although it is a one-way voice capable, it has remote control SoS functionality by working as a transmitter as well. This little tracker can do wonders by detecting speed and geo-fencing every 30s to 2 mins intervals like any other expensive GPS tracking device. This tracker is specifically convenient for tracking privately or secretly your kid's car by hiding it due to its small size.

OBD-Plug & Play Tracker 

is an ideal choice for easy installation in car OBD ports and comes with a one-year limited warranty in general. it can secure up to two years of tracking history along with the updated real-time vehicle status every 30-second to 2 minutes time intervals. The customized alarm system could work as a transmitter and functional SoS in case of any unfortunate incident. Similarly, setting alarms on over-speeding or exiting, or entering geo-fence makes it a perfect choice for fleet management. The compact size allows easy usage in a minimal space as well as stealth purposes to minimize tampering as well. The ignition status detection keeps you informed about the vehicle's whereabouts all the time.

AVL - Installable Tracker (Advanced) 

They are the most innovative and essentially the most admired GPS trackers for fleet management. The automatic vehicle location enables business managers to track their vehicles like moving dots on the maps thus making it the fundamentals of all location-based systems. The tracking of the telematics records idle and active times and fuel consumption of the fleet vehicles 24/7. Turn-by-turn routing enables drivers to adhere to the designated route and save fuel costs and mileage. The two-way voice communication via microphone enables drivers to communicate with management as well as regional traffic control systems when required. The extensive reception by the GSM and GPS antennas enables management to control ignition kill in case of emergency. The additional features of remote access to door locking /unlocking, AC on/Off control, and compatibility with cameras make it the most secure and popular tracker among its counterparts. If you want a passive GPS tracker or any other GPS device, we are here to help you. Just give us a call.

4.5/5(4 votes)

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