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Easy to Use, Driver Scheduling & Dispatching NEMT Software

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The one thing that is important to any non-emergency medical transportation service provider is delivering fast services by dispatching NEMT software. It's well known that when NEMTs lack the ability to upgrade like not having sophisticated dispatching NEMT software. They are unable to make use of technology to operate swiftly. Then, a time comes when they are left behind in the competition. This can cause an inability to effectively manage the trip load.

However, if you are facing similar problems. We got you covered as there is a simple way to tackle this issue. But, only a few minutes of commitment to this blog or by taking an instant demo could help you enhance your NEMT operations. Request a Demo!

How Driver Scheduling & Dispatching NEMT Software Works?

Easily schedule and dispatch drivers with NEMT dispatch software. It is the best driver-scheduling software. Dispatching NEMT Software helps to optimize driver scheduling and dispatching. Dispatching NEMT Software has a robust framework. It helps with effective techniques for handling your booking needs. With little to no effort in upkeeping from you. With  auto-scheduling dispatching NEMT software, you can: 

Manage Multiple Trips 

  • Allow Customers to Book Online 
  • Run Daily Service Reports 
  • Send Appointment Reminders 

The auto-scheduling and dispatching NEMT software application is cloud-based software. If you are looking for service dispatch software, then you are in the right place because it is the best dispatch software. It offers ideal scheduling, booking, dispatching, and billing services for non-emergency medical transportation providers. Utilizing cutting-edge tools, auto-scheduling software offers simple online call taking either trip booking through the import of brokerage trips or direct passage of on-demand trips. Moreover, optimized scheduling considering the patient requirements like (ambulatory, wheelchair/bariatric wheelchair, or stretcher services).

In addition to this, NEMT driver scheduling and dispatching software offers billing data and trip reporting (Request report/Dispatch reports), all delivered in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. This web-based application means there are no client/server applications to purchase and maintain. You can learn more about the key features of NEMT billing from our blog on the subject matter.

Easy Dispatching with NEMT Cloud Dispatch

NEMT Dispatching Software has made the job of dispatchers simple, easy & efficient. Dispatching NEMT Software provides real-time trip information to dispatchers. Henceforth, allowing dispatchers to share schedules with the fleet drivers. Whereas, drivers can share their availability using the NEMT application. GPS tracking gives dispatchers access to the real-time location of fleet drivers. Moreover, they can access driving time and distance covered for each ride from the time of pickup and drop-off. This is a web based dispatch software. It incorporates the characteristics of emergency dispatch software as well as fleet dispatch software.
Timestamps are created from each pickup and drop-off. Passenger's signatures are also captured at the start to end time of service. This ensures that everyone stays on track and work with efficiency and effectiveness.

How NEMT Software Overcomes Scheduling & Dispatching Challenges?

The use of robust NEMT scheduling and dispatch service software mitigates the major NEMT challenges. For instance, the manual process of dispatching and scheduling has been automated. Many NEMT providers face the big issue of cancellation and no-show events.
To elucidate the matter, it means that when drivers show up at the client's door.  Then, either the client cancels the appointment or doesn't show up at the specified pickup location. To overcome this key challenge, NEMT Scheduling Software helps NEMTs to make the most of their time and money. As the clients are given reminders on their NEMT application through alerts & notifications features or by calling about their scheduled trips.
This allows the clients to cancel their trips ahead of time. Automated reminders using the auto-scheduling software save both time and money using VoIP, email, or text. Thus, clients are able to confirm or cancel their scheduled non-emergency medical transportation in advance. Contact us to learn more about easy NEMT scheduling and dispatching.

Conclusion :

Hence, the use of the NEMT Cloud Dispatch maximizes the utilization of the auto-scheduling and dispatching features in an effective manner. Thereby, save time & money now by taking a quick demo.