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Last updated: 24/01/2024
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Advantages of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) And What Exactly It Is

Well, NEMT is an acronym for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation that is usually used for describing transportation specified for patients with long-term routine checkups or health issues, not problems related to urgency or emergency. In such transport, the patients are taken to and from their medical checkup spots, the pharmacy, and hospital, or maybe the casualty ward in rare cases. Remember that rides are non-emergency in nature, denoting there is no direct danger to the health or life of the participant, and no equipment of intensive care is required in the vehicle during the ride. As far as the patients are concerned, they may need NEMT for a variety of reasons, including the absence of a legitimate driver’s license, geographic isolation, non-availability of a commercial vehicle, or the impotence to take conventional transportation for mental, physical, or developmental reasons. In this piece of writing we along with explaining what is NEMT, have explained the benefits of NEMT transportation. Anyway, click here and read our blog on Tips to Know Before Purchasing NEMT Software.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation exists to make sure that participants have reached routine and preventative healthcare, increasing as a whole health results and preventing costly ambulance bills or emergency room trips. NEMT is particularly important for those with chronic or long-term health conditions like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or asthma. Click here to watch Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Educational Video.

These are some of the benefits one can get from using NEMT Transportation.

It allows a practitioner to monitor the health state of a patient

A practitioner will be able to promptly examine a patient’s state of health and deal with any medical care that the patient needs quickly and immediately with non-emergency transportation. For instance, they can make use of a fully-equipped vehicle to visit a patient’s home, which can be advantageous if the patient is not involved in an emergency situation but needs some help. This sort of transportation can also be used to go to a sanatorium, or to somebody who was lately discharged from the hospital.

A practitioner perhaps even be able to use this sort of transportation in case a patient is extremely unwell to attend the surgery but is not in a serious state. Although ambulances and emergency choppers are mostly retained for an emergency circumstances, they are sometimes used for non-emergency transportation also, which takes them away from their first duty.

Patients can take important medical tools

Non-medical transportation will most of the time be able to incorporate necessary medical apparatus that will enable the patient to travel in comfort. Those medical apparatuses may include colostomy bags and fluids and will assist the practitioner in handling the medical condition of the person unless they reach the desired place. Such important instruments will be essential to avoid difficulties and being capable of monitoring a patient is always the right idea. Possessing non-emergency medical transportation that can be fitted to a particular circumstance is a good way to make sure that the person who is being carried is able to stay safe and secure.

It is inexpensive compared to emergency transportation

Well, compared to emergency transportation services, non-emergency medical transportation is inexpensive. A doctor will be able to book an appointment with a patient, and the driver of the NEMT vehicle will not have to drive swiftly as the patient’s life is out of danger. Besides, the charges of an emergency vehicle owing to the amount of emergency apparatus and practitioners that are in the vehicle anytime. In case one merely have difficulty getting to and from an appointment with its practitioner, so many medical professionals are not necessary and you wind up paying the cost for all of that extra service.

NEMT gives you access to health service

Well, there are a number of people who are not capable of using routine base private or public transport as a result of their medical conditions or the reason is that they don’t have a car that properly works. And on the other hand, there exist others who are incapable to travel because of a physical or mental disorder. In case you or the people you love are one of them, you might need help in getting to and from your scheduled medical appointments.

It can facilitate door-to-door transportation

According to a client’s requirements, proper NEMT services may be organized. For example, those people who use walkers and canes or who require a wheelchair or ambulatory transportation can be helped by drivers that are thoroughly trained and educated to address their needs. And the vehicles deployed for the transportation of clients are also fully equipped with the appropriate features to make the transportation of patients possible as easy and as safe as they can.


What is the difference between Nemt and NMT?

Well, as far as non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is concerned, it is a type of transportation for those people who are unable to travel by private or public transport vehicles. It is comprised of a wheelchair van, ambulance, and litter van. Whereas Nonmedical transportation (NMT) is concerned, it is a sort of transportation by public or private vehicle for folks who don’t have another option to travel to their appointments.

How much do Nemt companies make?

Altogether, NEMT company proprietors can hope to earn between 50.000$ and 60.000$ per year, this is the average income margin for NEMT business annually.

Is Nemt a good business?

Yes, NEMT is a profitable business and there is no doubt about it. Our suggestion for you in case you have intended to open a NEMT business: be certain and keep in mind the qualifications your business and employees have and also the dispatch software you are going to purchase for your business.

Does Medicare pay for Nemt?

Well, for this to take place, a patient's doctor is required to first recommend NEMT for medically essential reasons. In case coverage is sanctioned, Medicare Part B will cover 80% of the Medicare-approved amount for non-emergency ambulance services.

How much does it cost to start a Nemt business?

Well, opening a NEMT business in the United States costs, on average, $350,000. The following costs form that total and differ from one state to another: Business registration fee – $730. Legal expenses, insurance, certificates – $6,000, and NEMT license.

Final Say

We can say that NEMT is incredibly advantageous and important for those seniors who on a routine, weekly or monthly basis visit their physicians for checkups. As the transportation is non-emergency in nature, it is safe for both the staff and patient as well as the driver. Anyway, in today’s modern world and hustle and bustle manually operating any business has become almost impossible. So, taking into account the need for an all-in-one customizable software for NEMT business operators, the NEMT Cloud Dispatch’s professionals have long prepared software that incorporates everything required for NEMT business. If you need one for your NEMT business, call now and talk to our salesmen.

3.9/5(154 votes)

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