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What NEMT Brokers Operate in the US
Last updated: 16/02/2024
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What NEMT Brokers Operate in the US?

If you are a NEMT service provider or planning to become one, you should be deeply aware that NEMT Brokerages are an essential element in the NEMT chain.

Most NEMT providers rely on single or multiple brokers to acquire trips, so knowing what options about brokers you have and how you can make the best decision is fundamental for your long-term success.

NEMT Broker - What Do They Do?

NEMT Brokerage firms are directly authorized by State Medicaid Agencies (SAMs) after fulfilling specific criteria to receive trip requests from Insured citizens who need NEMT services.

After receiving a trip request from patients, NEMT brokers transfer that trip to the local NEMT provider connected to them or sign an agreement to check if the NEMT provider and its vehicles meet passenger/patient requirements.

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List of NEMT Brokers Operating in the US

1. MTM

MTM proudly celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2020, with its headquarters in Lake St. Louis, Missouri. MTM operates in 31 states plus the District of Columbia and maintains call centers and offices across the United States.

2. ModivCare

ModivCare, previously known as logistiCare, is the largest NEMT Brokerage operating in the US, with its headquarters in Atlanta has more than 5,000 partners.

3. Alivi

Alivi is a NEMT Broker with operations running in almost every state of the US.

4. One Call

Founded in 2004, One Call has grown from 1,000 to 30,000 transports. They are a global enterprise and provide everything from Air-ambulance to NEMT.

5. Ride to Care

Ride to care is another NEMT Broker; it works with approximately 60 contracted transportation providers, providing, on average more than 1,500 completed daily trips and 46,000 per month.

6. Bay Cities Brokerage

Bay Cities Brokerage is another NEMT Broker specializing in providing services in rural areas.

7. Veyo

Veyo collaborates with NEMT providers and drivers to provide Transportation in multiple states.

8. Medical Answering Services LLC

Medical Answering Services, LLC (MAS) is a New York State corporation located in Syracuse, New York. MAS has been involved in the Medicaid Transportation Management and Prior Authorization industry since 2003.

9. First Transit

With its headquarter in Cincinnati, Ohio, First Transit operates in over 300 locations, carrying more than 300 million passengers annually throughout the United States in 41 states, Puerto Rico and Canada.

10. Secure Transportation

Secure Transportation was founded in 1980 with a couple of used vehicles and is now one of the leading brokers in the industry.

11. National MedTrans

With its headquarters in Sandy, Utah, United States, National MedTrans is a single-source NEMT company that has been serving since 2005.

12. MediTrans

Established in 2003, MediTrans became the first and the only Coordinated Transportation Network to serve Louisiana residents.

13. Southeastrans

Southeastrans is an Atlanta-based minority-owned non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) management firm. They have over 20 years of experience as a NEMT broker. 

14. Provide-a-Ride

Founded in 1989, Provide-a-Ride, Customers of Provide-A-Ride include major, successful transportation agencies, hospitals, school systems, and insurance companies.

15. Virginia Premiere

The headquarters of Virginia Premiere is based at (10800 Nuckols Road, Glen Allen, VA 23060). It has been one of the industry-leading companies serving since 1995.

What to Look for When Choosing a NEMT Broker?