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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation and Scheduling Software

Published By: NEMT Cloud Dispatch

Cloud-based non-emergency medical transportation scheduling software provides tracking and operational analysis for a wide range of medical transportation services including NEMT, PACE organizations, brokerages, etc. We help health service agencies improve their efficiency with comprehensive management software.

Our software is easy to use, reliable and cost-effective so you can focus on what matters most: delivering superior service to your customers and growing your business. Our Auto scheduling software is crafted to be an efficient method of handling your booking needs, with minimal maintenance from you. With the auto-scheduling software, you can run daily service reports, send appointment reminders, allow customers to book online, etc.

The Auto scheduling software creates an optimized schedule by minimizing dead-head distance and overall distance traveled while maximizing revenue miles. It is time to move beyond paper-based systems and spend less time preparing schedules! With automated scheduling software, book single or daily batch trips with incredible fluidity. Whether you operate a small rural, a non-profit, or a non-emergency Medical transportation company; automation is key.

Our non-emergency medical transportation software empowers organizations to enhance the rider experience, reduces operational costs and increases efficiency on a simple, easy to use web-based platform. Building efficient and cost-effective Paratransit and NEMT schedules are essential elements in running your demand response operation. Our auto-scheduling software provides the tools you need to optimize your routes. With an auto-scheduling software, booking trips couldnt be easier. In seconds you can create new trips, edit existing trips and create subscription trips. The ability to manage your trip bookings will not only speed up your process but also provide a vast amount of important data to report on.

Managing riders can be a time-consuming manual task. The scheduling software will speed up the process allowing you to register new clients quickly by capturing information about addresses, fares, payment options, funding sources, edit and modify client records at any time, etc. Our scheduling software is built in a way to help schedule your trips in the most efficient manner possible. It will automatically provide your dispatchers the preferred schedules from which your dispatchers can choose the best or create their own.

The scheduling software is designed considering the lack of adequate solutions for cab services to offer point-to-point medical transportation services. Our strategically developedNEMT scheduling softwarehelps achieve this with an advanced and automated scheduling engine facilitating accurate schedules and systematized processes. Your team does not have to wade through huge lists of text or search for trips to try to determine where the trip fits. Our scheduling software presents the entire day on a single board and aids the dispatcher in scheduling. A key benefit of our scheduling software is the ability to work with other software systems.

Creating effective real-time scheduling, dispatching and tracking of trips is essential for the satisfaction and health of your patients. You need a solution that offers real-time visibility that lets you reduce customer calls and respond to disruptions efficiently. NEMT Cloud Dispatching and scheduling software is a technology company focused on helping medical transit agencies and private operators transform their operation, by increasing community engagement and driving revenue. NEMT Cloud Dispatching and scheduling software make this possible by linking the latest technologies with a dedicated focus to help you grow your operation and meet evolving community transit needs.