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NEMT Business in The USA
Last updated: 24/01/2024
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Is NEMT a Good Business in The USA?

Are you new or a stranger to NEMT and considering investing in this business? If that is the case, you are getting the right step and you are in the right direction!

Non-emergency medical transportation is essential for elderly people, the handicapped, and other underprivileged people. People related to the field of healthcare forecast a significant increase among these categories of the community, but the number has already substantially increased during the Covid-19 pandemic which in turn has increased the need and demand for both emergency and non-emergency medical transportation service providers. For that reason, investing in NEMT is a good idea and a great decision.

It is to tell you that, the NEMT business has nothing to do with the economy whether it grows or not hence making it recession-proof, because the patients must get to and from their healthcare appointments. We can surely say that this type of service is needed all the time. And the demand for it has increased like never before during the pandemic. In this piece of writing, we are going to provide you with the information that you need regarding the profit of the NEMT business.

What is NEMT?

Let's start with what NEMT is. Well, NEMT stands for non-emergency medical transportation. It is a healthcare business concerned with assisting people with specific requirements to get to and from hospital and nursing facilities, ambulatory/mobile and usual medical consultation, pharmacies, rehabilitation, physiotherapies, dialysis, serious and risky treatment centers, and more. NEMT wagons enable easy wheelchair or stretcher access, and they must have an elevating ramp. Moreover, drivers need to be able and certified to help their passengers effectively. 

Let me tell you who can be a NEMT passenger. Well, any person who doesn’t have reach to mass transit, or cannot drive because of mental or physical conditions. For example, handicapped students go to and from school, live in the countryside, and cannot get to and from healthcare facilities.    

Besides, the Medicaid insurance policy includes NEMT services for elders, aged adults living in the countryside, those with short-term or permanent disabilities and health disorders, and other low-income/underprivileged people.

NEMT drivers pick up patients or passengers, offer help throughout a trip, and return them home if needed. Any type of public transportation cannot provide such a level of hands-on service as NEMT companies. This is the reason they are of great value in contemporary society.

It is to tell you that becoming a NEMT provider is not as complicated as you might think. While rules differ from state to state, you may check requirements, terms, and conditions in the regional department of driver service and the health care services department. Moreover, you need to make sure that drivers are properly trained and qualified to help handicapped individuals, be aware of different help and support methods, and know what to do in an emergency or critical circumstances. Be sure you prepare legal documents adequately. To arise business and get going, you need to come to terms with various certificates, permits, and NEMT licenses.

NEMT Rates

Is NEMT business in the USA worthwhile and moneymaking? What is the rate of return or profit for NEMT business in the USA per month? These are the most frequently asked questions by those who have decided to open the NEMT business in the USA. Continue reading because we have answered all of these questions.

Well, talking about NEMT rates, we have to comprehend that multiple factors shape the rates of returns. Here are a few factors that have an impact on NEMT rates:

  • Nature of the patient's disease
  • Place and means of transport
  • Aid needed
  • Hours of the day
  • Distance traveled

Furthermore, there are various types of reimbursements. For example; service contracts, employment injury benefits, pay agreed upon, private pay, social security, Medicaid, and ex-servicemen administration.  

All things considered, anyone who operates a NEMT business in the USA can be able to make between 50,000$ and 70,000$ annually. So, this is the average rate of return or profit for NEMT business in the USA per annum.

So Why Would You Start A NEMT Business In The USA?

Fine, I am going to describe it in detail. The elderly population of America is growing like never before. Those of the Baby Boom Generation are approaching their senior years and this process will carry on for many years in the future.

Because we are now living longer than the usual life expectancies, there has been extra pressure put upon the medical system and of course, there is a pressing need for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) nowadays. Since older people live in their homes longer, they need a special type of medical transportation specially designed and equipped for them and this is where NEMT plays the role of best transportation for people with a non-emergency medical condition. Some of these senior citizens have either lost their driving advantage or maybe they cannot drive because of a medical condition.


It is obvious that for sure NEMT business in the USA is profitable. Besides a NEMT business, if we talk about an individual, one can earn $30 and $60 per hour. Hence, one can make $400 a weekly wage. Although a majority of the United States population is vaccinated against Covid-19, in the United States, there is still a growing demand and pressing need for NEMT like never before. Therefore, if you have intended to open a high-in-demand NEMT business, you need our specially developed all-in-one customizable software for the smooth, cost-effective, and efficient operation of your new NEMT business. Call us at (623) 226-8966 and talk to our salesmen regarding the demo and price.

4.8/5(5 votes)

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