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Feature Spotlight NEMT business operations HR Management
Last updated: 22/01/2024
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Feature Spotlight: NEMT HR Management

Today we are driving an intelligent tool of NEMT Cloud Dispatch, “NEMT HR Management “, for non-emergency medical transportation. Let’s discover how this software helps boost business efficiency and manage workforce and productivity.

What is HR Management Software All About?

As a provider, if you imagine running a growing business where managing employees is a breeze, NEMT HR management software comes into play. As the center of any company, the HR team usually focuses on many challenges, from tracking employee attendance to handling, hiring and payroll. But worry not! HR Management software is here to make business life more manageable.

Features of NEMT HR Management Software

Here are some offered features

Feature Spotlight NEMT business operations HR Management software

Manage Staff

Finding and hiring new team members is crucial, and this software helps you to do it efficiently. Plus, the process is just as easy when it's time to say goodbye to someone!

Categorize Staff

 Keep things organized by sorting employees into different categories: full-time, part-time, or contractors. It's like having a neat filling system for your team.

Attendance Management

No more headaches over tracking who came in and when! With this feature, you can effortlessly manage clock-in and clock-out times.

Branded Driver Application

You can have your NEMT Driving App to show off your brand. It would be customized with your logo, color, and style on both IOS and Android.

Graphic Clock In and Clock Out

The feature uses GPS magic to let your team clock in/out as per their location. So, no more fussing about where they are.

Benefits of NEMT Management Software

Let’s buckle up for the some benefits your business gets with this software.

Save Time and Energy

Let the software handle the attendance and HR tasks like record-keeping. At the same time, you focus on making a real impact on your business.

Customize your Brand

With your own branded driver app, your business stands out at the different growing points.

No more paperwork

Say goodbye to boring spreadsheets and paperwork. This software digitalizes everything, keeping everything in one place for easy Access.

Boost Employee Attendance

No more “Oops, I forget to clock in moments”. This software ensures everyone is on time and ready for performance action. 

Streamline Payroll

Sorting Employees into categories makes payroll a breeze. HR Management software saves you time and money by executing categorized payrolls for staff.

Track performance

Keep an eye on your team’s attendance, performance, and progress. It's like having a pro version of Insights.


NEMT Cloud Dispatch HR Management software is a must for business. Seize the day and take your NEMT business to the next level with software. Ready to experience its powers? Schedule a demo with us today!


4.2/5(6 votes)

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