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Best NEMT Dispatch Software Application

Published By: NEMT Cloud Dispatch

NEMT dispatch software gives your dispatch management capabilities an instant upgrade with must-have features like electronic signature capture, paperless documentation for proof of service, and more all with dispatch software that integrates a web-browser portal for the dispatcher to a driver mobile app, that is quick to implement with all your existing brokers and funding sources, all while being easier to use than any other dispatch software on the market today.

The NEMT dispatch software is designed considering the lack of adequate solutions for transport services to offer point-to-point medical transportation services. Our strategically developed medical transportation dispatch software helps achieve this by facilitating accurate dispatch and scheduling processes. All dispatches are created visually. Your team does not have to wade through huge lists of text, searching for trips and trying to determine where the trip fits. Our dispatch software presents the entire day on a single board and aids the dispatcher in scheduling.

The non-emergency medical software covers all the scheduling, dispatch, and operational needs of NEMT providers. Using a web-based portal that is simple to use, dependable, and cost-effective, dispatchers can rely on this software to determine the number of vehicles needed to perform the same number of trips. The NEMT software offers automated order creation, billing, invoicing, and reporting to turn any NEMT operation into a scalable and repeatable process. So you can focus on what matters most: delivering superior service to your customers and growing your business.

The Best NEMT Dispatch Software features rich web-based dispatch software for your non-emergency medical transportation needs. Such as:

  • Convenient web-based platform
  • Mobile dispatching and instant messaging
  • Customized daily trips manifest
  • Internal invoicing and management
  • Various reports and statistics calculations
  • Unlimited data and storage capacity
  • Unlimited number of users and drivers
  • Unlimited number of customers and trips
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Powerful dispatching module
  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Fleet management
  • Efficient driver tracking

Benefits of NEMT Dispatch Software

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Reduce paperwork by replacing trip sheets, driver logs, and billing documents
  • Manage trip changes and events dynamically within our powerful scheduling portal
  • Track & trace drivers and trips in real time for absolute visibility and prompt trip execution
  • Receive in real-time electronic signatures of patients and riders, with corresponding GPS location and time stamp
  • Increase the reliability and flexibility of your NEMT service.