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Benefits of (NEMT) Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Management for Patients Having Daily and Weekly Check-ups

Published By: NEMT Cloud Dispatch

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Described 

You may think that what non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) actually is. Well, there are basically two kinds of medical transportation, they are: emergency and non-emergency medical transportation. Almost everybody is cognizant of the first, emergency medical transportation, meanwhile, not everybody is cognizant of non-emergency medical transportation. Not like emergency medical transportation which happens in an emergency, immediate and suddenly happen situations, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is pre-planned medical transportation. All right, in fact, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is the perfect solution for people who can’t drive but require safe transportation like a visit with the doctor or physical therapist, without any help from friends and relatives. Patients can reach their check-up facilities safely and on time. For the smooth digital operation of the business companies usually use medical transportation management software. 


The Benefits of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Management

Well, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is available in every state of the United States of America with some states even offering Medicaid expansion. After giving a brief introduction and benefits of dispatching software it’s time to tell you about the benefits of non-emergency medical transportation. 


Non-emergency medical transportation with a certified NEMT provider can be easily scheduled and get patients to their check-ups facilities on time. 


Provides Liberty 

Non-emergency medical transportation provides patients with the liberty of not having to call on relatives and friends when they need a ride or medical assistance. 


Wheelchair and Stretcher Equipped 

Well, non-emergency medical transportation vehicles are fully equipped with every necessary medical equipment required for patients as well as having the facility to accommodate, stretcher, cane and walker, etc., hence providing fine wheelchair transportation. 



Every vehicle with a certified NEMT provider is furnished with driver-monitoring systems such as; NEMT dispatch software and tracking devices for an integrated medical transport system to ensure patient safety by keeping a check on speed, braking, acceleration, and more. 


Door to Door Transport 

Any certified NEMT well-qualified team members help you take from your home’s door to the vehicle, and then to your check-up facility safely – door-to-door, not just nearside pickup. 


Well-Trained Professional Drivers 

Every trustworthy NEMT provider keeps teams of well-trained medical transportation management and professional drivers as well as elderly patient sensitivity, first aid kit and CPR. 



What is the distinction between Non-Emergency Medical Transportation and Ambulance Service? 

There exists some folks out there who cannot make a distinction between non-emergency medical transportation and ambulance transport service. They are of the view that how can be they different than one another when both are related to medical transportation management. There exists a number of aspects to this that you need to take into account. Read on if you want to know about the distinction between the two medical transportation management services. 


Ambulance Transport 

Well, normally most often an ambulance is called for an emergency or immediate situation. The ambulance is required to be fast and has to be equipped for emergency needs like having the essential supplies of medical transportation management tools such as; medical kits onboard, as well as emergency aid personnel who have the right education and training to keep an eye on patients’ instant medical needs. The places where ambulances usually go are hospitals and emergency centers where patients are cured immediately and at the earliest. They approach the location quickly, act immediately on the calls of distress with a medical transportation management team that is well trained in first aid and ICU services, and give doctors the information about the patient when they arrive for additional treatment. 


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation 

In contrast, non-emergency medical transportation or NEMT can be used for a range of reasons in circumstances that are not urgent and life-threatening. 


Medical Appointments 

NEMT serves those people who do not have the proper transportation to medical facilities and any concerned destination. Either ambulatory or in a stretcher or pram, patients that need help get to their medical facilities with the help of the medical transportation management team on board. 


Elderly as well as patients dependent on wheelchairs will also observe NEMT be advantageous in case they want to visit family or friends with more liberty. 

Long-Distance Travel 

In case the patient doesn’t need immediate medical help but is unable to get to appointments, check-ups facilities, or other destinations outside the home city or even out of the state, most certified NEMT providers offer long-distance travel.