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Last updated: 14/05/2024
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All in One Solution for Your Fleet Management Performance Issues

Have not yet installed a system software that solves your fleet management performance issues?

The competitive NEMT industry demands the incorporation of modern technology. If you haven't yet installed any software or have just entered to NEMT industry and seeking NEMT Software that solves your fleet management performance issues, then it's about the right time you get one!

Considering COVID-19 and the expanding industry of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, it is important to have the edge over your competition with software that solves your fleet management performance issues. A vehicle fleet management and transportation dispatching software can lead your NEMT business to higher advantages within the NEMT market.

Don't have the right software integrated?

There can be many reasons that your NEMT business is not attaining the desired goals. But, the major reason behind this is that the current NEMT Software is not the one that solves your fleet management performance issues. A number of major reasons are discussed further in detail.

Difficult to Learn

First and foremost, the dashboard of your current dispatching software is tough to understand quickly. The difficulty to understand results in an inability to navigate the settings and other functions on the dashboard adequately. This difficulty in using the software creates trouble in the effective management of your NEMT business and cannot solve your fleet management performance issues.

No Real-Time Tracking

Secondly, without real-time tracking information on your vehicle, you are unable to utilize your vehicles efficiently as well as cannot solve your fleet management performance issues.

Sluggish Customer Support

Due to a lack of proper customer support, you and your team members cannot operate the NEMT properly, thus affecting the delivery of NEMT services. Whereas, lousy customer support is damaging to the NEMT business. When issues are not resolved adequately, it results in lost and unsatisfied clients. This is why you need to have software that solves your fleet management performance issues.

System Bugs and Lags

If your software is buggy and the users face regular lags, it can become a big headache to operate the dispatching software. Issues that remain unsolved can cause frustration and for this, you need to have our software that solves your fleet management performance issues as well as others. No one wants to use an unreliable system as clients prefer solutions with higher flexibility if there is a need for alteration.

The Price is Not Right

Finally, the transport schedule software is overpriced in return for the features included in the software. It can be a significant factor affecting profitability due to the increased cost of the software.

Undeniable Benefits of Fleet Management NEMT Software

This section highlights some of the benefits of NEMT Software. NEMT Cloud Dispatch offers a complete solution under one software platform. All our designed fleet management technologies are integrated into a fleet management app that is user-friendly.  It's never too late to install a Dispatching Software that can provide you incredible benefits. Request a Free Trial Now!

Simple and User Friendly

Every transportation dispatching software requires some learning. When it comes to NEMT Cloud Dispatch, it is easy to learn. You can learn about the software within no time to operate the dispatching software effectively.
The design of the software system is with a user-friendly User Interface UI. Even a non-technical can quickly and easily understand the functionality of the dashboard is a great benefit. You don't need any rocket science to operate or administrate the system. It is the software that solves your fleet management performance issues. With our fleet tracking app, you can trace fleet service agents.

A Robust System

Our team gives attention to details that are required by our clients and ensures that a high-quality product is delivered by meeting the defined requirement. A skillful team of developers, graphic designers, quality assurance members, and others contribute to building a strong front end and back end. If any issues are faced, the support team is responsive to solve the matter as soon as possible.

Custom Application Development

NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software includes a set of 13 basic modules. In addition to this, the software is a combination of both standard and customizable sub-modules. Hence, customizability allows NEMT business owners to design specific sub-modules in accordance with the needs and nature of their NEMT business.

For instance, the custom scheduling sub-module allows rescheduling rides to the same driver by matching previous records. The dispatcher can manually alter schedules in case there is a need for alteration. Such flexibility helps you design a perfect transport schedule software aligned with the goals of your NEMT business.

Effective Location Tracking and Remote Access

The delivery of NEMT services becomes faster with efficient route management using GPS. GPS allows real-time tracking through which you can manage your fleet efficaciously. At the same time, the dashcams support monitoring driver behaviors and evaluating the performance of each ride.

Easy Integration Setups of Third-Party Applications

It is very easy to integrate third-party applications such as quick books, credit cards, and other invoicing and billing channels. Along with this, the transportation dispatch software allows the integration of brokerages. Automatically import or export trip reports and brokers can like MTM, LogistiCare, Access2Care, etc. can access these reports easily using the NEMT Software.

Manage Multiple Location

Dispatchers can operate and manage operations at multiple locations using the administrative module of the transport schedule software. Thus, allowing location-based dispatching or through a centralized dispatching hub.

Cut Down Costs

Features such as dispatching and routing, alerts and notification, trip management, and all others combined play an essential role in bringing efficacy to your non-emergency medical transportation business.

The dispatching software includes manual and auto-scheduling and powerful route management functions. This helps in utilizing the fleet effectively. A maximum number of patients can meet their appointments on time. While the aim is to minimize fuel usage to attain a higher number of rides.

The usage of transport schedule software will lessen the workload to operate a NEMT. Moreover, paperless work reduces manual headaches for dispatchers through remote accessibility and automation of processes.

Send Key Alerts

Sending key alerts and notifications is a vital function for any NEMT, as this module is useful for sending key reminders to your fleet drivers e.g. alerting users prior to/after each trip. Along with this, you can send other valuable alerts such as expiring licenses. Sending notifications reduces the chance of missing a ride. It ensures higher efficiency for your NEMT business. Changes in schedules can be reported and notified, thus reducing wastage of time and money.


Reporting is simple as the NEMT Transportation Dispatch Software allows to monitor of various types of EDI claims. Further, it helps to record fuel and other maintenance receipts. Reports of driver logs, account ledgers, and account receivables are readily accessible. The accessibility of complex reports is available as per the need of the customer.


Are you looking for open-source fleet management software? Well, we have the best fleet management software. NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software is a complete fleet management solution that solves your fleet management performance issues. Realize the benefits by integrating the transport schedule software. As the product has greater flexibility and many robust modules. Depending upon your budget, the price may be affordable or high for some. Indeed has excellent value for money. You can learn more about the product through our client representative by scheduling a demo now!

5/5(8 votes)

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