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What to Know Before Purchasing NEMT Software?

Published By: NEMT Cloud Dispatch

The Non-emergency medical transportation application is a cloud-based software utilized alongside mobile devices to offer ideal scheduling, booking, dispatching, and billing services for Non-Emergency Transportation Providers. Using these up-to-date devices, NEMT provides uncomplicated online call taking – either trip booking via importation of brokerage trips or direct entry of on-demand trips. Reservations for recurring trips, also known as calendar or subscription trips, are also included.

If the last time you checked out a NEMT application was ten years ago, you don’t know the whole story. The entire tech world, from TVs to toasters has undergone a complete makeover. When it comes to NEMT application, new advancements in GPS and mobile technology have produced more benefits than anyone could have imagined. If you’ve tried out the software of different vendors, it is important to have an idea about what you are about to purchase before you purchase them. But to begin with, you must be certain about what your operation actually requires.

Is the NEMT application integrated?

The integration of systems means that as you add more functions to your system, each new part continues to communicate with every other part, creating a more powerful operation. You need to not only import trips quickly and accurately, but you, your drivers and dispatchers may also need to call that data up at key moments. If you add a new component like a notification system or an online client trip management portal for booking, editing and managing trips, you need assurance that all the accompanying information (and newly entered data) is synchronized accurately and efficiently.

Does a Vendor’s History Matter?

If you’re looking for a single product like an in-vehicle camera, it may not matter how long a transportation technology vendor has been around. Even so, you may find yourself scrambling to get service if a company is too small to handle all the calls it receives. When evaluating which NEMT application is best for you, it’s a good idea to work with a vendor with a dependable track record when it comes to technical support and product development. If you’re planning to grow your business, any initial problems with a vendor will only increase exponentially as your operation expands, so choose carefully.

Does the NEMT Application have Real-Time Dispatch?

A NEMT application provides real-time dispatching and sends the driver’s manifest to driver’s phones with the GPS location of each vehicle and the driving time and distance to scheduled pickups and drop-offs. Real-time updates to the drivers and the dispatchers show where the drivers are at all times. In addition, the GPS coordinates and time stamps of each pickup and drop off, with the passenger’s signature captured at the time of service, helps everyone stay on track. Potential buyers should be sure a NEMT application has this feature.

A potential buyer should also be sure if the application has automated billing data. NEMT application offers automated billing data and trip reporting, all delivered in a SAAS (Software as a Service) model. This web-based application means there are no client/server applications to purchase and maintain.