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NEMT Ride Scheduling Software

NEMT Ride Scheduling Software

Published By: NEMT Cloud Dispatch

Currently, many NEMT service providers are challenged to meet the current and growing demands for their industry. Innovative technologies, such as NEMT ride scheduling software, are increasingly available to assist NEMT providers in the delivery of their services. If you are looking for appointment scheduling software for NEMT cloud dispatching, we have all that you need. Continue reading this blog to know more about the topic.

Managing riders can be a time-consuming manual task. Our NEMT ride scheduling software will speed up the processes allowing you to register new clients quickly by capturing information about addresses, fares, payment options, funding sources, allowing the user to import manifest/trip records for accounts (Logistic care, Access to Care, MTM software and Veyo, etc.) and edit/modify client records at any time, etc. Our NEMT ride scheduling software is built in a way to help schedule your trips in the most efficient manner possible. It will automatically provide your dispatchers the preferred schedules where dispatchers can choose the best or create their own.

Our NEMT ride scheduling software has been designed for many different types of transportation systems including medical transportation, non-emergency medical transport, para-transit, demand-response, public fixed-route, rideshare and car share transportation companies.

The features and capabilities of NEMT ride scheduling software are:

  • Company Target Market
  • Company Target Audience
  • Software Specifications
  • Accounts Profile (Logistic care, Access to care MTM software and Veyo, etc.)
  • Driver Profile
  • Booking and Dispatching
  • Notification to the Driver of an Assigned Trip
  • Planning Route
  • Trip Status
  • Client Payment Invoicing
  • Driver Reimbursement Statements
  • Reporting and Statistics
  • Software Program Implementation, Training, and Support
  • Privacy and Security

NEMT ride-scheduling software systems can serve as powerful tools because they enable:

Efficiency in administrative tasks and improvements in service delivery;

More efficient routing and scheduling of vehicles and drivers leading to improvements in vehicle productivity, on-time performance, which can have beneficial impacts on overall operating costs;

Enhancements in communication between vehicles/drivers and the scheduling/dispatching center, the provision of faster data transfer, utilization of real-time data, reductions in paperwork and related administrative tasks; and/or.

Increase in quality of service and passenger satisfaction

The NEMT ride scheduling software can serve as powerful tools to enable efficiency in administrative tasks and improve service delivery for a wide variety of NEMT service providers along with the ability to allow the user to handle records of different brokers like MTM software, Access to Care and MTI with the ability to export data for billing purposes. These computer software programs can enable more efficient routing and scheduling of vehicles and drivers which invariably lead to improvements in vehicle productivity as well as on-time performance; can have beneficial impacts on overall operating costs.

In summary, our NEMT ride scheduling software is available to assist NEMT service providers in the coordination of their services to ensure efficiency in the delivery of their clients. If you want small business scheduling software we are here to help you as we design scheduling software for small business and NEMT companies that helps in finding NEMT transportation brokers and has the option of transportation scheduler. Our software programs are web-based, which allows for easy access to the software, access to the software by multiple users, regular database backups and storage of data on secure servers.