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NEMT Optimized Scheduling and Dispatch Transportation Software

Published By: NEMT Cloud Dispatch

As someone who runs a non-emergency medical transport service, you know how important it is to always render a fast and efficient service. Need to communicate with your customer swiftly? You’ve got that covered. Looking for the ability to see and manage trips? You’ve got the expert recommendation to get your customer to their medical appointment as fast as possible. Need to increase transportation access to medical services? Your service providers are the best of the best.

In any case, shouldn't something be said about the parts that keep your business running easily in the background? The stressful, but significant parts of your business, like client schedule? There are approaches to make enhancements to those systems as well, thereby giving you a greater amount of time to run your business.

The NEMT optimized scheduling and dispatch transportation software framework is created to be an effective technique for handling your booking needs, with little upkeep from you.

With an auto-scheduling software, you can:

  • Manage Multiple Trips
  • Allow Customers to Book Online
  • Run Daily Service Reports
  • Send Appointment Reminders

The auto-scheduling software application is a cloud-based software utilized with cell phone technology to offer ideal scheduling, booking, dispatch and billing services for non-emergency transportation providers. Utilizing these cutting edge tools, auto-scheduling software offers simple online call taking – either trip booking through the import of brokerage trips or direct passage of on-demand trips. Optimized scheduling – considering the patient requirements like (ambulatory, wheelchair/bariatric wheelchair, or stretcher services)

NEMT Optimized Scheduling and Dispatch Transportation Software provides real-time dispatching and sends the driver’s manifest and trip information on driver’s phones along with GPS tracking of each driver and the driving time and distance (Loaded and un-loaded miles) to scheduled pickups and drop-offs. Real-time updates to the drivers and the dispatchers show where the drivers are at all times. In addition, the GPS coordinates that are fetched from devices (Android/iPhone) and time stamps of each pick up and drop off, with the passenger’s signature captured at the time of service, helps everyone stay on track and work with efficiency and effectiveness.

NEMT Optimized Scheduling and Dispatch Transportation Software provides continuous dispatching and sends the driver's manifest to driver's telephones with the GPS area of every vehicle and the driving time and distance to booked pickups and drop-offs

NEMT dispatch and scheduling software offer billing data and trip reporting (Request report/Dispatch reports), all delivered in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. This web-based application means there are no client/server applications to purchase and maintain.

One of the greatest difficulties we hear from NEMT providers is the number of “cancellations" and "no shows" that happen every day. A “cancel at door” is the point at which a driver appears to get the passenger and the passenger cancels the appointment for the day for whatever reasons. A "no show" is the point at which a driver arrives to get the passenger, and no one shows up at the specified location. These challenges cost NEMT providers’ time and money. A few providers have endeavored to lessen this by having staff or drivers call the passenger ahead of time to remind them of their planned transportation and affirm the arrangement. With auto-scheduling software, NEMT providers will have the capacity to set up automated reminders to their passengers utilizing voice, email and/or text. They will be able to schedule the reminder in advance, and they will get confirmations directly from the customer into the auto-scheduling software desktop application, either as a confirmed trip, a cancelation, or no reaction, thereby saving them from the loss of time and money.