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10 Benefits of Routing Software for NEMT Industry

Published By: NEMT Cloud Dispatch

Routing software was once limited to large NEMT industries that required large upkeeps and heavy costs. Now with NEMT routing software from NEMT Cloud Dispatching, small and medium-sized NEMT industries can take advantage of easy routing and scheduling software just like the large commercial fleets. Orders are fed into the software package and optimized; routes are created and loaded on to a device for the driver and the dispatcher. The route is tracked to provide the exact location of where the driver is on the delivery route.

NEMT dispatch software through iPhone/Android can be used on any smartphone to give your drivers the ability to see and manage their trips, while at the same time, providing key insights for your dispatcher. The NEMT software dispatch android and iPhone app give drivers a real-time look at all their trips. Also, the NEMT software dispatch android and iPhone app save time and fuel with optimized navigation. The driver receives turn-by-turn GPS navigation, based on the quickest route in current traffic conditions, to the pick-up or drop-off location. As the driver completes the trip, status changes, times and odometers are automatically captured and recorded.

The routing software provides the NEMT industry with many benefits including:

Improving Productivity: NEMT industry can achieve a 50% productivity increase in dispatch and route planning functions alone! No more creating routes by hand or creating route sheets through a spreadsheet. In addition, routing software allows for dispatchers to dynamically adjust routes, loads and schedules. Repetitive routes can be planned and scheduled that allow routes to be run daily, twice a week, or weekly.

Improve Customer Satisfaction: People are busy, and they have better ways to spend their time than waiting for your service professional to arrive. Yet without accurate route planning, you can't give accurate arrival times. One of the best NEMT management tips you can embrace is to use your routing software to provide customers with accurate arrival estimates and small appointment windows. This will increase customer satisfaction tremendously.

Improve Customer Service: Having a routing software system allows for the visibility of delivery schedules and allows for flexibility to make adjustments. Many routing software packages are integrated with dispatch android and iPhone app. This mobile application can photograph the delivery and capture the name of who signed for the delivery.

Improved Visibility: Knowing where your drivers are at all times is important to managing your NEMT business.

Reduced Operating Costs: Fuel is one of the biggest expenses to running a NEMT business. Most NEMT industry can reduce fuel costs by 5% to 10% by reducing miles traveled and idling time. Labor costs can also be reduced by running efficient routes and eliminating time sitting in traffic. Reduced run time means less wear and tear on trucks which means fewer maintenance costs.

Increased Service Level: Having a routing software increased flexibility which allows the NEMT industry to accommodate more complex requirements.

Improve Safety for Drivers and Fleet: The more time your drivers spend on the road, the greater their risk of having a serious accident. Drivers who are sent through heavy traffic or difficult construction zones are more anxious and stressed. Planning your routes to avoid these situations will make the drivers less stressed and improve the overall safety of your fleet.

Improve Route Management Planning: A routing software provides an accurate look at traffic conditions and routes. You can quickly and effectively deliver real-time routing to your drivers based on current traffic updates as you focus on improving your route planning.

Strategic Optimization: Another benefit of routing software for the NEMT industry is that future plans and unpredicted scenarios can be analyzed quickly and efficiently.

Improved Reporting: The ability to replay routes at the end of a driver shift means that any deviations from the planned route can be discussed.